Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Zoo!

This is my second blog today, so don't miss the first one that catches up from last weekend!

Does anyone else absolutely love the new way we can upload pictures to Blogger?  I could seriously get used to this.

This weekend continued to be unseasonably warm, so we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.  After I spent the morning shopping at a local trunk show (and snagging a sweet deal on some handmade awesomeness) we spent the afternoon at the first birthday party of a little girl of a fellow LLL member and friend.  This little girl is just the picture of beauty.  She seriously is like a little porcelain doll.  The party was full of like-minded mamas, home-brewed beer and good conversation.  After the part we headed to a friend's house for pizza and playtime.  BBZ loves hanging out with the kiddos at our friend's house and had a blast.  He wasn't in the car 5 minutes and crashed!  We took the front off of his crib after some debacle with the crib company and just put on a store-bought bed rail.  Friday night he woke up at around 3:30am and I was too tired to try and get him back to sleep so I just brought him to bed with me.  Last night he woke up again at 3:30am but this time I was able to get him back to sleep.  We all slept in until 8am, and when I looked at the video monitor I didn't see BBZ!  I kind of freaked out and ran upstairs, but his door was closed.  I sat there and wondered for a minute but decided that he was apparently still in his room.  I heard him a few minutes later and when I walked into his room he was cuddled on the floor outside of his bed.  I don't know what he was doing!  I moved the video monitor camera so I can see his bed and the path to the door.  How funny!

So anyway, after that strange occurrence this morning we decided to take a random and unplanned trip to the Zoo!  We got there right as they opened and got a pretty good parking place.  We also went to the Children's Zoo, which I haven't been to in years.  BBZ got to pet some more animals and we got some exercise.  We hate to bring the stroller, so we all got a workout!  Even BBZ because he had to walk a lot.

I suppose this one deserves an explanation.  N and I saw this guy fall over backwards and were sure that if he were in nature he would be totally screwed...not so!  He was able to flip back over!  Crazy. 

He started out crawling up this hill to get to the top of the slide, but eventually he decided to just walk up the steep incline.  He's so brave!

Of course he adored the train.  He didn't want to ride it though.

This is what was so tiring.  He has been eating like a horse and is almost too big for me to handle!  My legs are so sore!  It's that good sore though, the kind you get from a good workout.  And I didn't even have to leave him at a sitter to go to the gym!

After fighting a nap all afternoon, BBZ finally crashed around 3pm and is still sleeping at almost 4:30pm!  Hopefully he will be able to go to sleep tonight.  I have some blogs written in my head that I would love to get out, but this will have to do for now.  Perhaps this week will provide me with some time to get them out out and onto the blog.  We'll see!  Have a great week, everyone!