Saturday, October 9, 2010

How do I encourage a creative, artistic spirit in my toddler?

Cotton Babies is having a contest where I could win some awesome Bum Genius 4.0 cloth diapers!  I have tried a variety of cloth diapers in the 18 months I have been using them, and BG 4.0s are by far the best ones ever.  I actually just purchased some slightly used ones from the store for $10 each!  These 5 would finish my set off nicely.  So here I go!

How do I encourage a creative, artistic spirit in my toddler?

First and foremost...

In my opinion, there is nothing else a parent can do to encourage creative play and exploration than to do this one thing.  That being said, BBZ certainly has his favorite shows that he watches one in a while.  It is easy to get caught up in TV watching without even noticing.  N and I work hard at turning it off, switching on the radio or getting ourselves outside.  This weekend has been a perfect example!  Yesterday and today were full of fun and outdoors and lots of pictures, which will come later.

To encourage BBZ's artistic side, we have lots and lots of art and craft projects available around the house.  We have a few coloring stations and places that crayons and markers are readily available for him.  Paint is around too, although we really only get that out for special occasions.  We also have a chalkboard in his playroom and crayons in the tub.  Most importantly, we don't encourage or discourage his drawing, painting, etc.  He draws what he wants and how he wants, whether that's in the lines or out of them.  It's whatever he chooses!

Lastly, I never get upset when he gets dirty.  Ever.  Actually I encourage it!  I love getting to daycare and seeing paint under his nails, sand in his hair and blue stuff behind his ears.  Being dirty is the result of having non-discouraged play, which every litle boy should have his life full of.

This is what I'm talkin' 'bout...

I hope I win!!!!!