Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

I think September is my favorite month.  Actually, December is probably my first favorite, with September closely following.  October is squeezed in there, so it hold a special place in my heart, too.  We have been busy doing all things fall and Halloweeny lately, and I even caught some of it on video!  Check out BBZ and his first try at pumpkin carving!  What I wish I caught on video was when he started singing "happy birthday to pumpkin!" when we said we were going to put a candle in there. Too cute!

Here we are at our friend Laura's party.  We were looking forward to hanging out for a while, but BBZ started saying that he wanted to leave over and over for about an hour before we finally just said ok.  He's usually so social!  I guess he just didn't feel like hanging out because we were home before his usual bedtime!

I was a zookeeper, N was a evil banana and BBZ was a monkey.

The cutest monkey around!

He fought us a little about putting on the costume, but once it was on he was ok.


My mom is in town, so she was able to come with us to N's sister's house.  We ate great food (including bat wings that N made which are just chicken wings with BLACK sauce), played and went trick or treating!

But not before indulging in a "pup cake", which is about the cutest thing I have ever heard.

N's sister and brother-in-law won a contest for their great costumes!

Grandpa Z showing BBZ how to take a picture.

He just jumped right in with his cousin and her friend.

BBZ got the hang of it quickly and certainly enjoyed getting the candy.  The high light of the night though was when one of the houses (I don't think it was this one) gave him 2 tiny tubs of Play dough!  He LOVES play dough and I don't get it out much because it is too messy.  It was the best thing that has happened to BBZ in a long time, apparently.

At the next house rather than saying "trick or treat" he said..."do you have play dough for ME?"  It just cracked me up!

I meant to get a picture of him playing with the play dough when we got home, but I forgot to get my camera out.  Here he is enjoying his very favorite candy of all time, M&Ms.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!!!!