Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mama, I'm Coming Home.

Where do the weeks go?  How can it be that so much happens and I have so little time to blog about it?  So here we are with an update from last weekend...

Last weekend I went to my college reunion.  I graduated in 2001 and hadn't been back since 2002, when my previous roommate graduated.  My best college friend was driving up for her 10-year, so if she was in the same state as me I had to drive there and meet her.  It was a crazy fun night and brought back a million memories.

Here's me and C, back in 1999 as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb.  Actually, it was exactly 11 years ago today as this is Halloween.  Good Times.

Here we are last weekend, tailgating at the Football game, which we won.  Apparently, we are pretty awesome as a NAIA school right now.

C picked up her old roommate H and had company for some of the drive.

Here they are standing in front of their old dorm room window.  C is from Texas and used to have a huge Texas flag in that corner window.  The building just never looked the same after she graduated.

In side Mac Hall

My old room!  I think.  I have this reoccurring dream that I am back at college and I can't find my room or remember which one it is.  It felt weird being back here and actually remembering which room was mine.

My freshman year,  I had to use community bathrooms...these to be exact.  I'm pretty sure I have passed out on this toilet.  Not one of my better moments, but they contribute to who we are, right :)

I was pretty pumped to see that Mac Hall is accessible.

The President's Office, which I think looks really nice!

These stairs are about a million years old and I swore that each day when classes let out and everyone walked down them the same time that they would surely collapse.  Apparently they haven't yet.

I could not remember which mailbox I had.  I only lived on campus for 1.5 years, so it was a really long time ago.

Ah, the TKE house.  Man, A LOT of partying happened in this frat house.  All of my guy friends lived in this house.  It was the. place. to. be.  What great memories I had walking through this house.  I remember learning about Napster in one of these rooms and listening to song after song.  Good, good times for sure.

Ahhh, Hustler's.  I drank underage so much in this bar.  I didn't turn 21 until my senior year in college, but I did not wait that long.  I guess this is kind of incriminating, huh.  Anyway, the bar was always crowded, so my friends would build a wall of bodies and I would sneak along the wall and get in behind the guy carding.  I was so bad!

C and H, before the shots!

Me and was like we just saw each other, even though it had been a little more than 2 years.  She is a free spirit and a very dear friend.  It was a fantastic weekend!

One thing I didn't get to do is drive by the house I rented the last 2.5 years of college.  That house was awesome.  We didn't have time that night to drive by and I woke up at about 7am ready to be home with my boys.  The drive wasn't bad and I was home by 10am.  I really wish I had driven by the house, but next year is my 10-year, so I'm sure I will head back that way.  I just can't express how crazy it was being back there.  I have so many memories of that time of my life.  It's such a time of self exploration, and excitement, and lack of responsibility.  The school and town were pretty bad, so the friendships and people who were there made it what it was.  The park!  I also didn't get a chance to drive through the park.  That park was amazing.  There was a particular place that we would drive to watch the sunset.  There were more stars in the sky during our late-night drives on the gravel roads than I have ever seen.  That night I went back there and took a trip down memory lane.  It is full of sweet memories of times that helped me become who I am now.  I wouldn't trade those experiences for anything in the world.  Love ya, Marshall MO.