Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I cannot believe that it has been an entire week since my last post!  Actually, I can.  The weather in my part of the world has been absolutely incredible.  BBZ has to be outside pretty much all of the time and has been staying up later, so this puts a damper in my routine big time.  I love it though.  He was sleeping much better until last night, but I am good with 2 night of straight sleep mixed with one of having to get up.  I really am ok with it.  He goes right back to sleep and the time with him is kind of nice.

Our new routine goes pretty much like this:

4:45pm - Pick up BBZ
5:00pm - Get home, nurse, say hi to N
5:15pm - Take Delilah for a walk to the playground and play
5:45pm - Cook dinner, N and BBZ play outside
6:15pm - Eat dinner
6:45pm - Give BBZ a bath
7:30pm (or so) BBZ goes to bed.  This is sometimes later depending on what we have going on.
7:45 or 8pm - Start diapers or other laundry, make lunch for tomorrow, and relax with N

This is every night, except Wednesday when we play outside all day besides nap time and lunch time.  I love this time of year!  It's not too hot, the breeze is fantastic, and we can sleep with the windows open.  This makes it difficult to have computer time :)

My parents and sister and nephew came in town this weekend for Easter!  They got here on Thursday and we took BBZ to their hotel to welcome them.  This extended his bedtime to about 9pm, which began the first of 2 sleep-through-the-night nights.  Friday night my family had dinner with my grandma, grandpa, aunt and uncle, so we headed over to our friends Nikki and Zach's house.  We headed home around 9:45pm, which led to our the second night of sleep-through-the-night nights!  Maybe we need to keep him up more often.  Saturday my mom an BBZ and I went shopping.  He was such a good boy!  He was going to stay home with N but N had some yard work to do to get ready for everyone to come to our house on Sunday.  We went to a wonderful dinner at the Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my sister's birthday and came home and crashed.  BBZ went to bed around 8:30pm, but woke up at 3:30am and again at 7am.  Oh well, I'll take the 2 night I got!

We had my parents, my sister and nephew, N's parents and my grandparents over for Easter today!  N made an amazing meal and we literally played outside all day long.

This was Friday before we went to dinner.  Look at that cheesy smile!

Silly da-da, that's BBZ's hat!
BBZ helping us clean the house for our company today

His cute little Easter outfit.  N dug a hole yesterday with the plan to plant a rain garden to catch the runoff that has been ending up in our basement.  BBZ thought it was the coolest place in the world to play!

Playing wiffle ball with Mama.

Playing in the cozy coupe with Papa.

I love this one of his little, muddy shoes.

CJ was a big helper!  He was very patient with BBZ and made sure he found lots of eggs during our hunt.

Egg hunting with Grandpa
This one is my absolute favorite!

Eating M&Ms with Da-da.  That's my grandpa in the background whose house we visited a few weeks ago.

My little family.

Sisters...Happy Birthday, sis!!!!!

Chillin' on the back porch.

It was a beautiful afternoon!
OK, maybe this one is my favorite :)

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter and a great week!  I'll try not to let another week go by without an update.  Have a great week!