Monday, April 26, 2010

"Ya know, I'm not a planner...

...I'm more of a flybytheseatofmypants kind of gal, you know...moment to moment.  Yeah that's me.  Mmm-hmm." ~Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

Anyone who knows me knows that I AM a planner.  I look at a situation, analyze it, create a plan and then execute it.  That's me, not the flybytheseatofmypants kind of gal like good ol' Viv from that wonderful movie.  Well, our family has found ourselves in a crazy whirlwind of housing excitement that started yesterday.  Let me back up a little.

N and I have been planning on moving next Spring.  N signed up for a daily newsletter from our realtor and had been sending me updates of what is available in our price range in the areas we will consider.  I have found a few I liked and set up times to see them, only to get disappointed when I realize we aren't moving for another year.  N saw it as a time to shop around and see how far our money will go in different areas.  I saw it as a tease with constant disappointments.  We came to a compromise to only look at open houses as a fun way to spend a Sunday.  We found a house that we liked online and of course, we loved it in person.  It is everything we want with lots of character and it's really one of a kind.  It's hard to not pursue a one of a kind house when it's well, one of a kind.

So we called our agent yesterday and wondered how realistic it would be to move forward.  We talked about the details and set up for her to come meet with us this Wednesday.  At around 7pm last night, she called us back and said that because the tax incentive ends on 4/30, we really should put our house on the market right away to have it available to any last minute shoppers.  She said she would be at our house at 7:30am today with the seller's agreement and back in the afternoon to take pictures.  Holy cow!  So I put BBZ to bed and spent all evening getting our house ready for pictures and to be shown.  It is absolutely amazing how fast one can clean when there is this much at stake!  Plus my mama is in town and helped a lot.  She is also here all week which is perfect for showing it since Miss Delilah Jones would not have anything to do with a crate.

So here we are, thrust into the world of mortgage loans and PMI and down payments and showings and keeping the house clean with a toddler and will they accept our offer contingent on the sale of our house and everything that goes with it.  As much as N and I try to plan things, life always seems to happen to us the way it is meant to, so we are just rolling with it and trusting our instincts.  The ride sure is fun!

I'm trying not to be too excited about this house because I want to remain willing to walk away from it if it doesn't seem right, but I just can't help how awesome it all is.  The people who own the house have been there since it was built in 1955.  Generations of their family have grown up there and visited on holidays and they have poured their hearts and souls into the house by making it eco-friendly and full of native natural Missouri plants in the yard.  N and I love the idea of having our family live in this house for the next 55 years.  I am trying not to get my hopes up about this house, but it is really hard.  Wish us luck!