Sunday, April 18, 2010

A 5K Race and Our Rain Garden.

What a full weekend this was!  Friday night we helped our friend celebrate his 30th birthday, but not too late though because I had to be at a fundraiser early on Saturday morning.  For the 3rd year in a row, the agency I work for put on a 5K Roll and Race in a gorgeous park.  This year I volunteered for the earliest shift so the family and I could participate.  We aren't runners (although N has been running lately) so we walked the whole course in about 53 minutes.  We walked BBZ in his stroller but got him out to walk across the finish line.  Here are some pictures!

I am so glad there was a photographer there to snap these!  N's sister's husband also raced.  He ran though, and made great time too!

We went to lunch and had to hit up the local record store on International Record Store Day, which is apparently the Saturday after tax day.  N got a record and a CD with Bob Marley songs geared toward kids.  I have listened to it all weekend and it's pretty great!

So the day was already long and we were all pretty pooped.  We went home and all took a 2-hour nap!  We woke up refreshed and played outside for a while before enjoying a delicious dinner at Pei Wei.  I may never go back to PF Changs again!

This morning BBZ woke up at 6:25am and would not go back to sleep, despite his grouchiness.  He made it up for 3 1/2 hours before finally giving in to his sleepiness.  He slept for 2 hours and I got lots of housework done.  N has been planning to build a rain garden in our back yard to catch the runoff water that sneaks into our basement when it rains.  It has been a very dry April for us, but nevertheless, he bought the plants this morning and the Z family spent the day outside digging in the dirt and planting some plants.  Check it out!

Hey there, Mama!

BBZ loves digging in the dirt, and loves worms!  He calls them his baby and becomes extremely concerned if his baby falls on the ground.  He's such a little boy!

N dug the big hole Easter weekend if you remember.  Here is where we laid out the design...

I have the blackest thumb in the world, but this digging in the dirt was great!

It was a family affair!

But for some reason BBZ thought that his shovel full of dirt belonged here...

Like I said, he is such a little boy!

Here is the final garden!!!