Sunday, March 28, 2010

The weekend review

Do you like my new layout?  It was time for a change...

What a week and weekend this was for us!  On Tuesday I spent the day in our state capitol meeting with legislators and helping participants find and meet with their legislators.  This week our president signed into legislation the biggest and most controversial health care plan since Medicare.  It may or may not be a surprise that I (almost completely) support this legislation.  I had an entire post written my head about it, but you know what?  I'm just going to keep it in my head for a while.  One hting I will say is whether you support it or not, what have you done to make your voice heard?  Have you called your local, state or federal legislators and senators with you opinions?  Have you stood in line to see that important decision maker?  Have you hand-written your ideas of what would work and left notes for the leaders you couldn't meet with personally?  Well, have you?  If not, then quit complaining.  Call your legislators and senators.  They work for you .  Make your voice heard!

There is something about this view that just makes me feel empowered.

Ok.  I'm done now.

I had to work last Wednesday to help one of my participants try and find an apartment with his section 8 voucher, so that meant I had Friday off!  BBZ is finally healthy again, so we went to my work on Friday for our fish fry fundraiser and had a blast!  My boss has a daughter who is just 4 months younger than BBZ and she was there too.  We ate in the big auditorium and watch the 2 of them run around and climb and just be one-year olds.  It was so much fun!  The afternoon was gorgeous so we walked up to a neighborhood park to enjoy the day.  That was an experience.  I'll tell that story another day...

Saturday we went to a wine store that was having free wine tasting and the Easter Bunny!  The place was packed and we walked toward the store where the Easter Bunny was standing outside.  BBZ was petrified of him!  He held on to N for dear life and cried when we got anywhere near him!  I snapped a picture with him crying and a very nice lady walked by and asked if she could take one of us.  They aren't great, and his crying face is too cute!

Saturday evening I got to spend with my very best friend Laura!  We had an amazing evening and while we had to wait 2 hours for our table at PF Changs, the night was full of girly conversation and therapeutic friendship.  You know how you need to have a date night with your husband or wife once in a while to rekindle the flame?  Well I felt like Laura and I needed to rekindle our friendship flame, and we sure did!  Between my busy life as the mom of a toddler and her with her beautiful 6 month old daughter, we haven't had a day with just us in a very long time!  It was so wonderful!  While us girls were playing, N took some photos and videos of them playing outside.  This is my favorite...

Today we took it easy because the boys stayed up a little too late last night.  BBZ took a nice nap and we headed to N's sister's house to celebrate her birthday.  We had pizza and cake and by the afternoon the sun popped out.  This week is supposed to be sunny and warm and finally like spring!  I am so ready!  BBZ's 18 month doctor appointment is on Wednesday, so I will have his stats then.  Have a great week!