Monday, March 1, 2010

Not me! Monday

I did NOT give BBZ a half dose of Tylenol when we went to our concert on Saturday so he would sleep for the sitter.  I would never give my child medication without a good reason.  (he did develop a cough that evening that would have certainly kept him up if it weren't for the Tylenol, so maybe it was ok afterall...or so I am telling myself)

I did NOT lose my temper this morning and yell at BBZ for getting into the dog's water for the 4,537,876th time.  He did not immediately begin sobbing.  I did not run over and swoop him up and apologize for yelling and want to cry with him.  I never lose my temper and always have a handle on everything because I am a perfect super-mom and never let things get to me.

I am NOT convinced that my shortage of sleep is to blame for my little outburst.  BBZ's new waking time of 5:30am is perfectly fine for N and me, so that would have nothing to do with it.  We are NOT super excited about daylight savings time just so BBZ might make it to 6:30am.

I did NOT devour a huge high fructose corn syrup infested apple danish this afternoon to try and sugar-rush my way through the rest of my work day.  I know sugar has a huge crash effect and would never feast on something with such empty calories and bad-for-my qualities.

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