Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nothing like a good poop story to make everyone feel better!

So over the weekend I decided to try making carrots for BBZ...see!

The blue octopus helped too! I figured BBZ, or maybe I, was getting sick of avocados and sweet potatoes. I bought some carrots from Whole Foods and cooked 'em up. BBZ loved them! He's been eating nothing else since Sunday evening, and well, this morning it really his diaper! This was the orangest poop I have ever seen! It was like I dumped the orange carrots right in there. Maybe this was BBZ's way of really showing his orange support for Stellan!

So we have certainly been enjoying ourselves (I mean resting and trying to feel better) on our day off today. It is in the 70s and sunny and an absolutely perfect day! Look how cute he is in his little shorts! Meme bought him lots of summer clothes when they came in town for Easter, and he finally gets to wear them! Maybe we will even find some time today to rest and recover while lying in the sun in the back yard!