Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Children make you want to start life over. ~Muhammad Ali

So a while back I was dropping off BBZ at his daycare and one of the little girls, who is probably just a little over a year, was also getting dropped off. Her parents were both there and we introduced ourselves. I introduced BBZ and they were happy to finally meet him because apparently their little girl was saying his name over and over all weekend and they finally figured out what she was saying! Whenever I pick him up she is always right next to us saying hi or bye to her new friend. So yesterday I picked him up and he was in a bouncy chair on the floor playing, and I walked toward him. The same little girl was playing on the loft of the indoor playground and saw me come in. She literally ran down the ramp, around all of the toys in her way, and right over to BBZ and started saying his name and calling me his mommy. I cannot explain the excitement she shows when BBZ and I are in the room. It is the cutest thing! So today I was talking with a friend from work and told him this story. He said the most interesting thing...that he bets they have met before. He thinks, and I think I agree, that kids can remember what life was like before life started. There seems to be so much wisdom in children, then as we grow old we lose the ability to do and know things we did when we were young. This really got me thinking. You know that movie Benjamin Button? Maybe our souls start old and get younger. Another woman who was there as we were talking said that when her daughter was 3 or 4, she told her mom that God had she and her best friend up on a shelf next to each other and he took her friend down off the shelf and gave her to her parents, then God took her off of the same shelf and gave her to her mom and dad. She then said that she and her friend found each other once they grew up a little. Maybe we are our wisest as babies and can see things at that time of our lives that we learn to dismiss as we grow. All I know is that BBZ will certainly miss this little girl when she moves up to the next room. Maybe they will find each other again! So I was looking for a picture to add to this blog just for fun and this is the one I found. Maybe I should re-think this wisdom thing...am I missing something wise about eating my feet?