Monday, March 9, 2009

Artwork, Cloth Diapers and Avocados

Wow did we have a full weekend! I picked up BBZ from daycare on Friday and they had been busy! The first picture is of him using his hands, and the second is of him using his feet. Bath time was a necessity on Saturday morning to get the blue print off of his toes! I know the pictures have his real name. Oh well. I'm over it. Look how cute they are! This is one of the very many things we absolutely love about his daycare. I must admit though, I didn't plan to have to have a scrapbook for him already! Actually, I have heard that people take pictures, probably better ones than these, of their child's artwork than make one of those picture books from Kodak gallery or Snapfish. I'm not ready do let go of these yet...I'm going to keep them for at least a little while!
OK, so second on my list this weekend is that I decided to start using cloth diapers with BBZ. These are the ones I bought, which was a trial pack. They are gdiapers and actually have a disposable liner that you can either flush or use as garden compost. If you do decide to throw them out, they stay in the landfills for only 60-100 days compared to the others that stay indefinitely. What I like about these is you can use a cloth insert or the disposable kind, so if we are going out or to grandma's or to any place where I don't want to worry about cloth, I can easily substitute the insert. I am super excited about this purchase! If you grandparents are looking to get BBZ something new and special anytime soon, the website is and the best way to buy them is by purchasing the starter kits which come with the diapers and all the accessories. I have one pack (2 diapers) and need a total of 8 diapers to be able to use them at home and at daycare. I'm keeping my eye on eBay and Craig's list too, but it seems they sell for about the same used as brand new, so I guess that's good news for when I re-sell them down the road!
** I just found a website where they have a starter kit, plus an extra pant for $35! That's actually pretty reasonable. Click here to check it out. I might wait and see how I like these before making the investment, but I am pretty confident that I will!
I am really excited about this endeavor. I debated using cloth diapers throughout my pregnancy and finally feel like I can take this on. I am really excited!
And on to our last weekend adventure! Last week we tried bananas and he didn't think too much of them. I think I described him as making the lemon face. Well, I'm not a big fan of avocados, but this little man sure is! He ate just a couple of bites on Friday, but tonight he ate almost 2 ounces! He really likes them a lot! I'm not sure I am ready for him to be on solid food, but he sure is. He's growing up way too fast! Nate got some good ones of his little mouth full of green stuff!

Too Cute!