Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2 Awards! No Way!

Gina over at Namaste By Day gave me another award! Gina is a friend of my very best girlfriend and I would definitely call her a kindred spirit. Her blog is super fun to read and she never fails to pass on a good award. I am honored to know that she would pass out such a nice and friendly award to me. Thanks Gina! I am going to pass this award to my real life sister, Emma Jewel. My next award was given to me by my very best friend Laura (the one through whom I met Gina) over at Wringing out my Sponge. I have to admit that I am quite embarrassed about this award. I don't think of myself as sexy and can't really think of 5 sexy things about me because quite honestly it makes me a little uncomfortable. It's not about my body, I feel great in my own skin. Better than I ever have believe it or not. Maybe it's the breastfeeding. Maybe it's an insecurity. Maybe I am shy and don't want to express myself that way. Maybe I want people to find my mind and my heart sexy and not think about my body. There, I found 2 things I think are sexy! My heart and my mind. I am a deeply caring, sensitive, devoted person to both my husband romantically and my friends loyally. I am also intelligent. I like a good debate, but I also really enjoy being right. I enjoy even more questioning my own ideas of right after a good healthy disagreement. Now that is sexy. My boobs are great too, although now I feel like they are reserved for my sexiest super power, making food for my offspring. Damn, that is sexy!