Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Different Cloth Diapers...I am taking the plunge!

Okay, so I am updating from last night because I have found different cloth diapers that I am totally investing in. I know I asked grandparents to buy the gdiapers if they wanted to, but I found a huge deal on Craig's List and I can't resist. These are actually the very first ones I found online when I was pregnant and contemplating cloth vs. disposable. I like the gdiapers I bought and will still use them, especially when we want to use the disposable inserts, but the ones I am buying (called BumGenius) will be enough for at home and at daycare. The ladies at daycare are so supportive of me cloth diapering too! There are lots of families that do, so we shouldn't have any trouble. Wish us luck!


  1. I just saw these on Craigslist today!! I actually recognized the picture right away from the ad. That is so funny! $10 per diaper right? Did you already buy them? I bet they will be great. I have read great reviews about BumGenius.

  2. Yup, those are the ones! I'm hoping she will throw in a few for a cheaper price, but even if she doesn't, $10 isn't too bad. I emailed some questions with her and told her I wanted to buy them right before I posted this. I'm pretty stoked to get this started!

  3. Way to go little sis.
    You're braver than I was!
    Love you, see you in a few weeks.