Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gratitude Practice

A good friend of mine, Nikki, recommended this blog recently, which talks about being grateful for what we have and posting about it. Check it out.
I have been feeling a little unsatisfied lately. I can't really explain it, but I have had this feeling that what I have isn't exactly enough.

That's not like me.

Alicia describes this as a Gratitude Practice.  Posting daily about 5 things we are grateful for while trying not to repeat things we have listed before.  I need to do this. I need to focus in the things in my life that are great. The little things that make my life great are fading into the background of my busy life, and that is not the way I want to live.
I only posted 3 blogs in April, and I really miss the freedom I have of not only expressing what I am feeling, but taking the time to stop and notice what I am thinking about and writing about it.  On one hand I am afraid to slow down because I don't think I can do it all if I take even a minute off, but I am missing out on the details because I am going too fast.

This is not what I want.  I want to slow down, smell the flowers, appreciate the small moments with my husband, kiss my boys, pet my dog, hear my cat purr, feel accomplished when I leave the office, smile when I wake up, drink tea on my porch, and above all, never feel like the things I have in my life aren't enough.

So here I go.

I plan to post every single day in the rest of May at least 5 things I am grateful for.  One reason I haven't blogged much lately is that after I spend all day in front of a computer at work, I have no desire to sit in front of a computer at home.  I can blog from my phone, but it's a bit challenging using that keyboard.

So some of these posts this month will be short and sweet, and others might contain some explanation, but either way I plan to take note and record the things in my world that I am grateful for.

A warm shower in the morning.  Plenty of pumped breastmilk.  Ice cold filtered water.  A vehicle that starts when I need it.  Talking to an expected mom about childbirth.

What are you grateful for today?