Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Few Videos

Our weekend was incredible.

We went to the Garden, ate hotdogs wrapped in pretzels dipped in cheese at a city park, dodged baseball size hail, I wined and dined at a benefit and got to be in the same (fairly big) room as John Goodman and Ozzie Smith!!  And that was only Saturday!

Our weekend was awesome.

But the big news?  We have a mobile baby on our hands.  I was able to capture a video of LBZ last week, as well as him trying to crawl yesterday, and how far he has come in just one week.  I have the three videos below.

He is so close! It's totally the army crawl, but he will be off of his belly sooner than we might like. He is already all over the place. I absolutely love to see him so interested in everything around him. A sign of another happy and independent litle boy for us.

Our weekend was fantastic.

And just for fun, here is BBZ at the same stage!