Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend.

What an amazing weekend we had!  It started out a little rough with LBZ's ear infection, but he slept 7.5 hours on Friday night, which was the most he had slept in at least 2 weeks.  Check out these teeth!

Those little suckers caused all kinds of trouble starting about 3 weeks ago.  They brought the fussies and the night waking and runny nose, etc.  After 2 weeks of that and at my whit's end, I took him to the chiropractor.  The next day there was no difference and I could tell something was really wrong.  I had to know for sure, so I took him to his pediatrician and sure enough, he has an ear infection.

I took him back to the chiropractor the next day and let him know.  The nurse suggested I bring him regularly, about every month or so.  I need to think about what to do next.  I have been avoiding it and just enjoying his more-than-2-or-3-hours of sleep.  I know I need to figure it out, but I am procrastinating.

Look at this little man standing up!  I realize he has an ear infection, which probably was the cause of his night waking, but in addition to that, in the last 3 weeks he has cut 2 new teeth, learned to sit up from his belly, learned to clap, learned to pull up on things, and has said 2 words!!  Just one of those things woke BBZ up during the night at this age, so it is no surprise that LBZ's sleep has been so terrible lately.

He is so close to being a toddler!  He has now said Ma-ma and baw (ball).  Ball he just learned last night.

Friday night we spent the night at N's parents house so we could sell some things in their garage sale Saturday morning.  That's where LBZ slept 7.5 hours!  I told them we might be moving in.  I also checked that he was breathing at midnight and at 3am, which are 2 of the times he had been waking.  So I didn't sleep 7.5 hours straight, but he did.  So that's all that matters.

Sunday morning we woke up early and played in our new play pool outside.  It was 82 at about 10am, so cooling off felt awesome.  I was worried about LBZ getting into the bigger pool, but he did fine when I was finally brave enough to let him get in.

The water was cold!  But it finally warmed up in the sun enough for me to get in with him.

Sunday evening we had a fish fry at our friend's house and N, in his always creative way, chose a delightful fried Kool-aid dessert.  They turned out surprisingly good!

We went to the pool at the boys' school today, which was awesome.  I didn't bring my camera, but I can't believe how much LBZ loved the water.  I know how much he loves baths, so I shouldn't have been surprised, but he really does seem so natural in the water.  So was BBZ, so those swim lessons are definitely paying off.  BBZ starts his new classroom tomorrow and will start summer camp next week.  He'll swim every day in that pool over the summer.  I hope to take the boys there on some Mondays, even though the thought of having both by myself in the pool is a little intimidating.

LBZ's sleep isn't all better since he woke up 3 times again last night, but considering all that is going on with him developmentally, it really does make sense to me.  Plus, I am so thrilled that he has words already.  BBZ spoke so much so early, I wondered how his brother would compare.

I just love watching him do new things.  He was playing with a ball today while we were having some quiet reading time in BBZ's bed and he dropped it onto the floor.  He leaned over, saw it and said with such a sweet and innocent wonder..."bawl, bawl".  It was so sweet.

Then this morning he crawled over to this toy, pulled up and started moving his feet like he wanted to walk!  This is all happening so fast.  One thing after another, and before we know it he will be 3, just like BBZ.

How on earth did I get here?  How did I become the mama to these 2 amazing little boys?  Aren't I just some young kid who doesn't have a clue?  How did my life become this?

I mean those questions in the most wonderful way. I have said before that I sometimes feel like my life is happening to someone else.  As though there is no way this is my life, that these are our boys, and that we are this happy.  But it is, and I'm loving (almost) every minute of it :)