Thursday, May 10, 2012

Little Brother Z is 8 Months Old!

Dear Little Brother Z,

Today, you are 8 months old.  Oh, how I love watching you grow!

You sit up all by yourself these days.  Every now and then you topple over, but for the most part you catch yourself before hitting the ground.  Unless you are really tired.

You are army crawling all over the place!  You wander and explore every inch of our home.  I remember your brother staying fairly close to me most of the time, but not you.  You are an explorer.  You wonder what's around every corner and don't hesitate to check it out.

You absolutely love bath time!  Seriously.  I have never seen a child love the water this much.  You love when it flows over your face!  You splash constantly and flip from sitting to your belly, back to sitting and splish splashing me and the whole tub.  And boy do you get mad when it's time to get out!

You still have the sweetest demeanor.  People always comment on how chill you are.  You rarely cry, but when you do, you do it with full force!

You still only have the 2 teeth on the bottom, but the top 2 are beginning to push through.  I thought they were out but they seemed to have moved back up again.  The way teeth do that seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me.

You are quite accustomed to me taking your photograph.  I love how much you smile at me.  You were crawling in the hallway and ran into this big road block we like to call "Delilah".  Your brother stopped by too, but didn't stay long.  Even with it all blurry, I love this picture of all of my kids :)

Oh, those big blue eyes are simply to die for.  I love them so much!  They are big and shaped much like your brothers, but are the prettiest blue color just like your daddy's.

You do love when I wear you in any type of carrier.  It is the best way for me to go places with you and your brother since he still likes to use the stroller.  I love when you fall asleep too.  Sleepy-head.

You are already thinking about pulling up on things.  You straighten your legs out and put your bum in the air but don't quite crawl on your knees yet.  You are a mover and are developing these skills so stinkin' fast!  I don't mind though...I'm ready to not sit down for a while again :)

I bought you some more of these zippered jammies for the middle of the night and early morning diaper changes.  You do not like to sit still!  These make it much easier.

You are often an early riser.  I took this photo one morning at around 5:45am.  You still sleep pretty well, and when you wake up you are so happy and delightful that it is basically impossible to be unhappy about spending that time with you.

You eat fairly regularly, but it seems like you could take it or leave it.  You love feeding yourself, so this is usually the way you look after a meal at home.  Silly me forgot a bib this day.  Major fail!

You have only had a few things...pears, applesauce, peas, sweet potatoes, avocados, and I guess that might be it. You still love to nurse and do regularly throughout the day when we're together.  You love these rice crackers I found and puffs. Watching you develop your pincer grasp is super fun too. 

Not that I am wishing anything away, but I already see the toddler in you developing. You are still my sweet baby, but before I know it, you will be toddling all over this house.

I love you so much, sweet baby Lu.


P.S.  I am overflowing with gratitude today as I reminise about the last 8 months with my complete family of four, so I hope my GP post for today goes without saying :)