Monday, July 4, 2011

What a weekend!

I love, love, love 3-day weekends!  This one is especially great because I slept for almost 12 hours last night!  That is something I would not otherwise be able to do on a Sunday/Monday, so it was awesome.

I have been much more tired lately.  I guess that's typical for the 3rd trimester, but I felt so great there for a while, I think I was in denial that it would ever change.

My friends went camping on Saturday night, but I just could not bring myself to go.  It was 98 degrees, humid as hell, and sleeping in a tent did not sound appealing to me.  N went, so BBZ and I held down the fort.

We didn't waste the god day off though!  We went to the mall where I thought he would want to play on the indoor playground for a while, but he picked out a new firetruck to buy with some money N left for him and wanted to go straight home to play with it.

We headed home, had some lunch, then went to the pool at his school.  It's a HUGE community center with the best outdoor children's pool I have ever been to.  It wasn't very crowded, and there is a while separate play place for little kids, so there were no crazy teenagers fighting for water space.  It was so, so much fun.

We aren't currently members because the cost is a bit high, but it is a month-to-month option, so we might sign up just for the summer.  both kids would get a discount, so with just BBZ it would be about $40/month, but that will probably go down when we factor in savings on a second child's tuition.  It's $28 for a family pass for one day, and you can't just go to the pool, so as long as we went twice/month it would pay for itself.  It's still expensive, but this pool is that awesome.

After a nice, long nap, we headed to my friend Laura's house for some dinner and fireworks.  It was so hot!  It was 90 degrees when I pulled into my driveway at home at 10:54pm.  Ridiculous!

Yesterday we had a bit of a relaxing day.  We wanted to do more, but it was just too hot for me.  We wanted to go downtown for the fireworks, but the heat and later the rain storms stopped us.  It was probably best since I fell asleep so early.

Today I am heading to lunch with my friend who is having a little girl about 2 weeks before this little man is due.  We have been friends since we were about 7 years old.  She is one of my oldest friends!  We were pregnant together with our oldest boys who are 5 weeks apart.  I'm so looking forward to it!

I did a little shopping on Friday evening at a local resale shop and bought a blue maternity shirt for $1.  I love the color and the fit so much I took another belly picture.  I feel like he is really getting big in there! 

(31 weeks, 3 days)

My feelings are all over the place right now.  On one hand, I am so ready to meet this sweet little boy!  And on the other, I am petrified of how his coming into our lives will affect BBZ and our family.  One one hand, I am so ready to be off work for 12 weeks I can hardly stand it!  And on the other hand I am terrified about having things in place and ready for me to be gone.

Ugh.  Only about 8 more weeks to go!  I go through periods of time when I don't even think or worry about anything.  Knowing full well that I had no idea how anything would work out when I was pregnant with BBZ and how things just have and have been amazing.  I know the same is true for this little one, but sometimes the worry takes over!

I'll tell you what though, holding this sweet babe in my arms is only a couple of months away.  It's going to change our lives, and I can't wait to see how!