Sunday, July 31, 2011

One month from today... my due date!  Having been through this before, I have no doubt that this baby will NOT arrive on his due date.  In fact, I am expecting a September baby even though his date is August 31.  BBZ was a week late, so I am expecting the same from his brother.
There are so many things that are different about this time around.  Everyone keeps saying how hard it must be because of the crazy hot weather we have had, but I am actually doing ok just staying inside or being near water if we do play outside.
The hardest parts about this pregnancy are 1) I can't sit on the floor and play with BBZ for very long and 2) I can't carry BBZ far or hold him on my lap very well.  I hate these facts.  I miss playing with him and holding him and having plenty of room on my lap for him.  Those are the parts I am most looking forward to having back.

Also, there's my job.  I have only been in my new position since January, so leaving for 12 weeks this time is much, much harder than last time.  I have a lot more responsibilities and more things I am accountable for, so therefore there is much more to get in place to be away for such a long time.  I've been trying really hard to avoid stressing about it, but there were 2 nights last week that I woke up and just could not stop thinking about everything I have to get in place.  I have to remind myself that things will be fine.  They have to be!

Mostly, I want to be able to not even think about work while I am off with LBZ.  I don't want to feel like things are undone.  I want to have everything in place.  It's almost like I am nesting at work!

Which is also pretty funny.  I'm not really nesting at home.  This time, compared to last, I know that there are things that don't need to be in place when he gets home.  And I know that I will have to do some things after he gets here.  It's pretty funny how relaxed I am now compared to my last post.  It's amazing what a little time can do!

We have been so busy over the last few weeks.  We celebrated by Grandpa's 90th birthday!  I think he looked better than he has in a long, long time.

BBZ and his daddy looked great too!

This is my most immediate family with my grandparents in the middle.  My mom, her twin sister and their kids and grand kids make up the rest of us.  The only person missing is my dad, who was unable to get away from work for the weekend.  It was a fun day!

My grandparents moved into a senior living apartment building earlier this year and the move has been hard on them.  It seemed to be hardest on my grandpa, who had to give up his shop for a small 2-bedroom apartment.  After hearing how much this was affecting him, one of the administrators had an old office converted into a shop for him and anyone else who wants to use it.  Here, my grandpa can build his airplanes and continue to do what he loves.  I really believe that this is why he seemed so happy at his party.

Since my mom was in town, we were able to go out!  My friend celebrated her 30th birthday, so N and I went for a couple of hours.  It's so nice to have my family close by!  There were a few pregnant ladies at the are 2 of us!

That was last weekend.  This weekend we had not one, but 2 more birthday parties!  One was the first birthday of the friend whose 30th we just celebrated.  It was outside, which I was worried about, but a huge (and much needed) storm came through right before the party and made it much more tolerable!

Who doesn't love candy cigarettes??  Well, they call them candy sticks these days.

Waiting patiently for his turn at the pinata.

Candy, candy, candy!!!

And a whistle.

After this party, we headed to the next one!  This one was at a pool, so we were able to get in and cool off a bit.  We couldn't stay long since we were all pretty beat, but there was time for cookie cake!  This is the 3rd birthday of one of the 2008 babies.  6 of us were pregnant in 2008 and 4 of us are pregnant now with round 2!  It's fun to have so many kids who are so close in age.

Here's BBZ asking A's daddy when they plan to cut the cookie cake.  You know, the important stuff :)

Here's BBZ, A, and B who were all born within 3 month of each other.

Here they are!  BBZ at 5 days old on the far left, B in the middle at 1 month old, and A on the right at 2 months old.  We were at the shower of the 5th baby this day back in September 2008.

It was a great party!

Complete with ring pops...mmm.

Overall, I really feel great.  I am still worried about some things, but I have an overwhelming sense of peace about the baby and how our lives will just adjust to his coming into them.  Maybe it's because I have shifted my freaking out to my work life instead of home life.  My mind can only freak out about 1 things at a time, apparently :)