Thursday, August 11, 2011

37 Weeks!

Holy moly, this pregnancy is flying by!  I can't believe we are 3-4 weeks away from meeting this little man.  My heart is so full of love and I can't wait to pour it all over our littlest baby boy!

In true end-of-pregnancy fun, I took some pictures of the belly...

Well, N took that one.  He also took the one below.  I was feeling smaller than I remember being with BBZ, then I found these photos which made me realize something....

 (36 Weeks with BBZ)

(38 Weeks with BBZ) 

I am actually BIGGER than I was with him.  Bummer.  Oh well, I still feel great considering I am this far along.  Monday and Tuesday of this week were especially hard for some reason.  Maybe it was because it was Monday.  Or maybe it was because BBZ's school was closed and he and N got 3 whole vacation days together to play while I had to go to "stinkin' work" as BBZ has recently quoted me saying.  Maybe it was my mental exhaustion from having to clean up three, that's right, THREE bowel accidents from our otherwise potty-trained little man.  He's on antibiotics though and tomorrow is his last day, so hopefully that will stop when the medicine does.

Another cheerful surprise was a lovely little shower that my co-workers threw for me!  They really surprised me.  I had a meeting from 9-12 yesterday and then my boss had re-scheduled a "meeting" at 12:30pm.  I grabbed some food and rushed back to work, scarfed down my food and then ran off to the meeting.  Sure enough, the meting was my shower!  They are so sneaky :)

They are also so generous!  They gather some cash for me and some even gave gifts.  This little man got some awesome camo, a few toys and some other really cute clothes.  I know girl clothes are cute and frilly, but there is just something about a good boyish camo outfit.

My boss got me a magic bullet baby food making system!  I made all of BBZ's food, but it was a little challenging with ice cube trays and defrosting and all that went into it.  I planned to do it all again, but this is going to be so much easier!  I can't wait to use it :)

Speaking of boy stuff, BBZ is in the cutest superhero phase right now.  He wants to watch "The Vengengers" (aka The Avengers" or Spiderman now, which is so much more fun than Blue's Clues or Wonder Pets.

He and N were running around the house playing superhero and taking each other out and rolling on the floor and just being boys.  I sat back and watched them and really got excited about having another boy in this house.  It is just the way I picture my little family and I can't wait for it to be a reality!

My official last day of work is 2 weeks from tomorrow!  I must admit, I am super excited about this fact.  I love my job, but I am so ready to focus on only my family.  The bad part is that the earlier I take off work the younger LBZ will be when he starts daycare.

The reason I decided to take work off before my due date is that it will put me back at work the week of Thanksgiving.  I figure it will be kind of quiet that week and plus it's a short one.  N will be home and I will get paid for those 2 days off rather than not.  It seemed to work out great.  That is as long as he is born before 9/8 or so...I'd hate for him to be less than 11 weeks when I have to leave him!  He won't be at daycare then though.  He doesn't start daycare until December 12th, unless he is really early.

So anyhow, things are starting to look very baby-fied around here...

The boots are from a resale shop and were $1!

Hello, my name is Anna, and I am addicted to buying cloth diapers.  Seriously.  I have all the diapers I need, but I got on a prefold and wool cover kick and just couldn't help myself.  I bought some Flip covers from Cotton Babies a while back during a super seconds sale, so that's where the blue cover came from, but check out these wool covers! 

The recycle one is about the cutest thing I have ever seen!  We did not cloth diaper BBZ at night time having never found a cloth one that would hold his 12-hour/night pee.  (Don't be jealous of 12-hour nights sleep, it DID NOT last).  I seriously cannot wait to see LBZ's cute little bum in these covers!

And his bag is packed and ready to go!  My bag, on the other hand, doesn't even exist yet.

So things around here are ready, we just need him to come!  Not yet least let me be off work!