Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The mysterious case of the appearing coffee maker part.

I know absolutely nothing about coffee.  Seriously.  I have no idea how to make a pot of coffee.

Apparently, N has been making coffee in our coffee pot without a very important piece that fits inside the top thing and helps keep the paper thingy in place that catches the grounds.

I guess this piece is not completely necessary, but without it a big mess is made.  Seeing as how I do not drink the coffee or even look at the pot, I had no idea that this was even happening.

Before my mom came in town, N said that we needed to replace it.  We went to Target to find it and couldn't.  After refusing to let him steal the one form the display, we left figuring that we would probably find one online.

N didn't find one online, and when my mom, who also loves to drink coffee, came in town, she figured that we could pick a cheap maker up from Walmart since we were going there anyway.

I have to interrupt this story to say that I almost never shop at Walmart.  I'm not really a snob about it or anything, but I prefer to have a positive experience when shopping and that seems to never happen at our local Walmart.  This day was no exception as I was told by an employee that I was "breaking his balls" by asking him to call around to a few stores for me to check on a big ticket item.  Yes that really happened.  I'll tell the full story another time...

So anyway, we bought the $16 coffee pot and headed home.  We were contemplating whether or not to keep the old one and even though I am a proud member of the reuse-it website in my city, I really didn't want to be bothered with it and reluctantly threw it away.  It was pretty gross.

Let's see, that was Monday.  So today is Wednesday and I let Miss Delilah outside around lunchtime.  She apparently didn't want to come in for a while because I kept checking the door and she wasn't there.  I decided to make sure she didn't wonder out of our yard, so I walked around the carport, in front of the trashcan on my way to the back yard and I saw this...

See it?  That black thing right there?  Can you tell what it is?  Look closer...


Holy crap!  It's the missing coffee pot piece!  What the heck??  This phenomenon poses many questions:

Is this some kind of joke?
Where the heck did this come from?
How the heck did it end up outside?
Why did it appear today after months of it missing?
Did I really pass by this spot a million times and miss it?
Did it seriously just appear right here?

Do you see how close it is to the trashcans and my car?  I walk by this spot at least 2 times a day and didn't see it.  This is so crazy to me.  What are the freakin' odds?  I guess it would have been better to find it before we bought a new one but, whatever.

To add to the randomness today, my mom and my nephew collect quarters and needed just one more to finalize their collection.  Well, she found it today!  And the funny part is the quarter she needed was one from her home state, and she had to travel 13 hours to find it.  Crazy stuff.

So a perfect ending to this story would be to go into labor and have this baby right as August turns to September, wouldn't you say?  Three for three??