Sunday, August 28, 2011

What I know and what I hope.

I know that babies are born when they are ready.
I hope that our sweet LBZ is ready very soon.

I know that second births can be as long as or longer than first births.
I hope that this one is shorter and faster.

I know that many first children have a hard time adjusting to a new baby.
I hope that BBZ has an easy time with his new role.

I know that most babies are born healthy, but some have health problems.
I hope that our sweet LBZ is healthy.

I know that I went 7 days past my due date with BBZ.
I hope LBZ comes before that date, which is 9/8/11.

I know that being off work for 12 weeks is exactly what I need.
I hope I can separate myself from work completely and NOT check my email and phone from home.

I know that some babies have a hard time breastfeeding.
I hope that after 2+ years of nursing, things for us will go off without a hitch.


We welcome you, sweet LBZ.  Things are ready for you.  I am ready for you.  BBZ talks each day to you and tells you he is ready to meet you.  You are all I think about from morning until night.  You will soon bless our family with newborn coos and sounds and smells that we just can't wait for.  While I am anxious about your birth, I am not afraid.  I get excited with each practice contraction that I have knowing that it is one tiny step closer to having you here in our lives and in our arms.  I cannot wait to nurse you and snuggle with you and hold you close to me.  I can't wait to see BBZ as your big brother.  I already love you, and I can't wait to show you how much.

We welcome you to our world, Little Brother Z.  We hope to see you very soon!