Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What we've been up to lately

Potty learning, potty learning and more potty learning!  I can't remember how much, if anything, I have said about our experiences so far with this subject, but I feel like more of an expert in my son's learning than I did even 3 weeks ago.

We started off working with him only on the weekends and evenings because we didn't want his teachers to have to deal with accidents at school.  Even though he would do pretty well on the weekends, he would absolutely refuse to use the potty at school.  While I love the teachers, they weren't very accommodating with this topic.

There were some weekend days that I got so frustrated that I said forget it and put a diaper back on.  I think I expected things to go quickly and that it would be a one weekend thing, but it really did happen over a period of time.  He did great 2 weekends in a row and I felt good about having him wear underwear to school, but it was right at the same time he changed classrooms, so we decided to wait until he transitioned.

He was in his classroom for only about a week and we had another great weekend.  He even stayed dry on his "out of the house underwear" (aka pull-ups) so I spoke to her on Monday about trying underwear.  She said that she wanted to stay consistent with what we did at home and that potty learning is a part of the school day, not a distraction from it.

There were a few poop accidents and some bribery with Legos, but he started in that class at the beginning of the month and hasn't had an accident at school in 2 weeks.  I am so proud of him!  He occasionally has accidents at home or when we walk to the park, but overall he is doing so great!

He likes to poop in front of the TV, which seriously cracks me up!

This past weekend, we had a few friends over and ordered the Widespread Panic show which was streaming live from Red Rocks in Colorado.  N and I have enjoyed many concerts in this venue including Panic, so while it wasn't quite like seeing the real thing, it was definitely the next best thing.

Plus, we got to watch BBZ and his friend "camp" in the living room!

We did a little garage saleing that morning and hit the mother-load!  We got a box of kids camping stuff, which precipitated the camping in the living room.  I also found a Cardinals outfit, a sweater, 3 books, a doctor set, some winter boots, and a few other things, all for $7!  AND I found a space saver high chair for only $10 on (you guessed it) Craig's List!  It was a weekend of great deals and good times.

On Sunday we had N's family over to celebrate a late Father's Day.  We played outside, went shopping at Kohl's and spent the day together.  It was a really nice visit.

Cousins :)

Today, N had a happy hour after work, so I decided to take BBZ to get a haircut.  I had been thinking of taking him for a real one, since my barber shop isn't really that great, but I was worried because I knew it would be a lot shorter than the way I tended to cut it.  Then again, I thought a nice cute cut would be nice for the summer.

It's pretty short! But I really love it and I think she did a great job! A friend gave me a free haircut coupon a while back and I finally took advantage of it.  He looks so grown up!

He also loves to pull my shirt up and talk to his "baby bwover".  He tries to pull up my shirt all of the time, so I have been working on teaching him to talk to his baby brother through my shirt outside of the house and only pull my shirt up at home.  Now he always says "I can pull your shirt up 'cause we at home?"  He's so smart :)

The view from here...
(31 Weeks)

Me and my sweet boys, 31 weeks and 2 3/4 years old. 

I want to blog about the very difficult time I am having concentrating on anything but my boys and my family, but it is late and I really need to head to bed.  I have some things I need to concentrate on tomorrow and a super-late night is not going to help.  I also want to write about how sometimes I really don't enjoy being a working mom...but that will have to wait too.

So much to blog about and so little time!