Sunday, June 5, 2011

Is that a Hammer in Your Pants or...

We had a crazy busy weekend!  I should have taken it easy and relaxed since I feel a cold or something coming on, but I feel the worst overnight, so when I get moving in the morning I feel motivated and have to keep going!

Saturday morning, BBZ woke us up early, so we hit the road and headed to a garage sale, the farmer's market and the botanical garden.  Oh, I for got to mention that the heat Saturday was forecast to break a heat record, so what better way to celebrate at 7 months pregnant than to spend the whole day outside, right?

I didn't take any pictures at the garden, but let's just say that about an hour in and I was exhausted.  Between the heat and the walking (or should I say, waddling), I didn't last long at all.

We came home, but still wanted to do stuff outside.  Once we cooled off, we filled up the water table and hung out on the driveway.  I finally thought to grab the camera at that point.

I love having a place in the front yard to hang out.  Our old house was on such a busy street, we didn't dare let BBZ play our front.  This is much, much better.

I can't believe how big he is getting!  There is nothing baby about him anymore.

We took it easy last evening and watched a movie.  N and I were pretty worn out after the heat and sun of the day.  This morning we were motivated again, and N had a few outdoor projects planned.  He has been gardening and filling in some open spots in our yard with some new plants.  He also picked up some paint and decided to paint the baby's room (aka BBZ's playroom) while BBZ and I were at a birthday party.

Here's the before pics...

The room is set apart from the small living room by an accordion wall.  This wall will likely stay open for most of the time unless LBZ is sleeping.  And who knows how long it will be before he is sleeping in this room at night.  BBZ was 8 weeks before I was ok with him being down the hall.

BBZ woke up in time to do a little painting in a small spot...

And get some on his cute little tootsie toes :)

Here are the after photos!

It seems so weird to have everything all set up already, but I couldn't help it!

The wall does close the room off nicely when it's shut.

I sat in the rocker, gazed at the room and daydreamed about LBZ being here in our house.  I sat in the same chair and imagined BBZ joining our family just 3 years ago.  

I remember how foreign it felt and hard to believe that he would actually be here with us. This time, I really understand that another little boy will be here, in our home, in this little room, in about 3 months.

Since we had to move some of BBZ's toys out of his playroom, his room got a makeover too!

I really love the way both rooms turned out!  BBZ's room is much more suited for a big boy now.  He has toys in there and we moved out some of the baby things...including the diapers!

Yes folks, our sweet first born is almost officially out of diapers.  He wakes up dry each morning and after each nap and uses the potty throughout the day.  He had a few misses today, but he is certainly on the road to potty trained.

I think the diapers are gone for good.  I really don't want to turn back.  Tomorrow he will have his first day at school with big boy underwear!  I am nervous about it, but his teachers said that they want to be consistent with what we are doing at home, and he is in underwear at home, so that seems like what we should do there too.  I'm just nervous!

This was an awesome photo I caught while he was playing construction worker...

Is that a hammer in your pants or...  :) :) :)