Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BBZ says the Darndest Things

"What's this one called about?"
when he hears a new song, a new show or starts a new book.

"No, it's not my favorite."

Anytime we ask him "why" something, he always answers with "why" instead of "because".
"BBZ, why do you want watermelon?" and he responds "why it's my favorite"

"Hiiiii, baby bwover!" while looking and/or kissing my belly.

"My poop looks like a volcano"

"Let's pway cops and roberts"

"Come on soldiers, let's soldge"

"A tomato storm is coming our way" (tornado)

When asked, what do people do on Shavuot? BBZ replies:
"We drink wine, dance and eat challah . . . Holla!"

"Daddy, this is no time to show your belly, we're hunting dinosaurs"

"Mommy, you're pretty...can I have some ice cream?"

"It is so bootiful outside"

"I need the Lego indructions."

When I ask him what we should name his baby brother, he replies "Loofa".
Which very closely resembles one of our favorite names for LBZ.
And tonight, for the first time he lifted up my shirt, kissed my belly and said:
"I am going to love you so much when you come out of mommy's belly, baby bwover!"

(28 Weeks)
Gosh, I just love him so much!  He challenges my patience, makes me question myself constantly, makes me smile, makes me laugh, sometimes makes me want to cry, and always surprises me with the look of absolute peace he has when he closes his eyes and falls asleep.  And oh, the things he says...

I love you so much, BBZ.