Wednesday, April 6, 2011

48 Hours

In 48 hours, I will know if this baby is healthy, and if it is a boy or a girl!

It's hard to believe that this day is here.  Peeing on the pink stick feels like it was just days ago, but thinking about how sick I felt makes me happy that it went by so quickly.

I feel much better about this being a healthy baby.  I'm no longer worried that something might be wrong and am just excited to get a little peek at our sweet second baby.

My dreams have been all over the place!  Last week I dreamt that it is twins, one boy and one girl.  I really don't think it is twins, but perhaps this was my mind's way of explaining why I can't tell which it is!

My gut still says girl, and twice this week I dreamt it is a girl.  But then yesterday I slipped and called the baby he twice!  I called BBZ "he" all the time before we found out.  Either way, I am so ready to stop calling this baby "it" and to start really thinking about names.  N and I both prefer to wait until we know boy vs. girl to talk too much about names since it pretty much takes half of them off the table.

So Friday is the big day!  BBZ, N and my mom will all be there and I just can't wait!  And we're all taking the day off work to play and celebrate together.  I can't think of a better way to celebrate our new growing family.

I'll be sure to make the announcement on Friday!