Friday, April 8, 2011

"Your name is Junior, and I've been lovin' you since before the day you were born. I love you more and more and more." ~WSP

The appointment today confirmed it....

It's a BOY!!!!!!!

Although I am a little surprised as I swore at the beginning it was a girl, I am so unbelievable excited about being the mama to 2 little boys!

The appointment went really well and BBZ did pretty well during the visit.  Where we were was a teaching school, so one of the women was a student.  I didn't mind being a human subject for her at first, but as we approached the 2-hour mark and with BBZ running on empty, I was really ready to be done!

But seeing the little man on the screen was unbelievable.  We looked at a lot of body parts before we saw the ones we were kind of looking for, and I didn't mind.  At one point my mom took BBZ out to the hallway for a little walk and our littlest boy had our full attention.  Then, plain as day, he yawned!  It was a huge open mouthed baby yawn that we saw clear as could be.  It was so awesome.

So my mind is already running around ideas such as bunk beds and camp outs in our backyard.  With brotherly love and fights and getting into trouble.  With being ok with buying a few expensive boy things knowing that this little guy can use them too.  The reasons I thought this was a girl are quickly floating into the past as I imagine my littlest boy entering our lives.  I am so happy.

Here are some photos of our sweet babe's first real photo shoot!

So the yawn below probably looks a little creepy, but it was an amazingly beautiful sight to see his little mouth open so wide and close just as quickly, the way new little yawners do.

2 little boys!!!  What joy!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so excited for you. The mother of two boys just seems to fit you perfectly!!! They are going to have so much fun together.

  2. Although I am a bit disappointed that we won't get to borrow the cool peace sign tee, ;) I am ecstatic for you that you'll get to experience the amazing feeling that it is to be the mama of two boys! I have always wanted two boys and it is everything I have hoped for...and more. Now for the big questions...what are you going to name him?

  3. So amazing...I love the BoyZ already!!!!

  4. Oh I can't wait!!! Meme and Papa have 3 grandsons! how fun!!!

  5. YAY! Two boys! So fun! I think giving BBZ a brother is a great gift:) So cute! You're gonna be a perfect mama for two boys!

  6. So happy for you guys!!! And now you can start on names! Any ideas??!! ;) I think you should keep 'em a secret anyhow--uncreative people steal stuff like that! :)