Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dreams and Nostalgia

Two nights ago it was a girl.

Last week it was twins.

2 or so weeks ago it was a girl with a ruby red eye brow piercing.

Last night, it was a boy.  And it was the best dream I have had yet.

I don't remember much before being in labor, and it was a strange labor.  I know it was unmedicated, but I was calm, cool and collected and not afraid at all.  Perhaps that was the best part of the dream.  I was laboring, and then suddenly the baby was just here.  My mom was there, N wasn't which is the opposite of how the real thing will be, and I was a little confused and asked if my doctor had been there at all.  It was almost as though I fell asleep during what would have been the most difficult part of labor.  My mom assured me that my doctor had, in fact, been there and guessed that I just forgot that part of the labor.

So my mom handed him to me and he was this sweet little bundle wrapped up like a burrito.

I don't really remember much after that.  I did end up back in the building where I did my graduate work, but the building was different.  And for some reason there were bread loaves all over the place.  It was that delicious bread from Macaroni Grill that you tear off and dip in oil and spices.  And I picked up one of the loaves and decided to keep it.  Typing that just made me hungry :)

Dreams are weird.

My mom came in town yesterday and I am so happy she is here again!  She brought with her the dress and bonnet that my dad bought for me from Saks 5th Ave that I wore home from the hospital a few days after I was born.  If this baby is a girl, I hope is to have her wear the same dress and bonnet when we bring her home.  And it will be from the same hospital.  And if this baby is 5 days late, it will be within days I when I came home, 32 years earlier.  That's pretty cool.

I love this kind of thing.  I wanted terribly to wear my mother's wedding dress when I got married, but it was too small.  I'm a petite girl, but my mom weight like 96 pounds when she got married, so that wasn't happening.  I did wear the same necklace she did and walked down the aisle to the same song, it was this one:

Do you watch American Idol?  I tried to forgo it this season and didn't watch any episodes until the top 24.  I recorded it and thought I would give it a chance and it is the best season yet!  I cannot believe how talented these young people are.  I think I like them so much because many of them are musicians, not just pretty people who have nice voices.  I heart Casey Abrams :)

As off-topic as that may sound, I do have a point.  David Cook from a few years ago did his rendition on that show.  And I loved it.  Many people didn't, but that song has a special place in my heart.  Here it is, if you feel inclined to listen.

Just call me Mrs. Nostalgic.