Sunday, April 10, 2011

The first letter to my unborn son

Dear Little Brother Z,

Just 2 days ago, we found out that you are, in fact, a little boy.  I knew you were there, growing and sharing little flutters of life inside my body.  But I don't think I appreciated how REAL you are until I saw you yawn on the ultrasound screen.

No longer were you an idea in my mind.  You are alive.  Your kicks have a purpose, one that I choose to believe is your way of telling me hello.  You are growing and developing and will soon bless our house with so many newborn things that we have forgotten.

I went through your brother's (I love saying that!) newborn clothes and got many things out of the basement for you.  We also got some wonderful hand-me-downs from friends who no longer needed their baby things.  We are still months away from meeting you, but your presence here in our house is already making a noticeable difference.

As I sit here, quietly feeling your gentle movements, I am taken away to my daydreams of you and your brother playing in our backyard.  To watching you crawl around our new home.  To seeing you stumble as you learn to walk in the grass out back.  To seeing BBZ teach you how to throw rocks into the pond.  BBZ is going to make a wonderful big brother!  Thank you for making his wish to become one come true.

So now we just wait.  We wait for you to grow strong and to come into this world and complete our family.  We love you so much, little man, and can't wait to have you here in our arms.

Keep growing baby boy!