Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thinking about Gender

Reasons I think that this baby might be a girl:
I've had that feeling since I peed on the stick.
The stick I peed on was pink
*They* say that female sperm live longer than male sperm
My libido is shot (poor N)
I've had at least 2 dreams that it is a girl
BBZ keeps calling the baby "baby sister"
My all day sickness is 10 times worse than with BBZ
I have gained 5 pounds already and let's face it, only a girl would do that
We basically already have her name picked out.

Reasons I think it might be a boy:
I feel like I might just be destined to have 2 boys
We want to name him after my paternal grandfather's middle name, and since BBZ is named after N's paternal grandfather's middle name, that would be cool.
Umm, I think that's it.

I guess this is what some people call a "no brainer".  I was truly convinced that this is a girl, until we decided on a name for a boy.  Not that the name is completely decided or anything, but it does make the fact that this could be a boy a little more real.

I really don't have a preference this time.  I wanted a boy SOOOO terribly badly when I was pregnant with BBZ, that even if I tried to say that I didn't care, part of me would have been a tiny bit disappointed if he had been a girl.  Only until they put her in my arms though, I am sure.

But this time?  I really don't have a preference.  There will be wonderful things about either one.  I would love to help my little girl plan her wedding one day, and maybe pass on my love of breastfeeding to her and her children, should she decide to have them.  And breastfeed.  But you know what I mean.

I would also love to say things like "the boys".  I have everything that a little boy needs, and since this baby might be born in September like BBZ, unless his size is completely different, all of the clothes I already have would match the season.  But oh how much fun would it be to use BBZ's clothes to make butterfly appliques and ruffle buts on some cute girly clothes!?!

So while I still have the feeling deep down that this is a girl, there are many things I will be excited about if it is, in fact, a boy.  It might take a while to teach BBZ to say "baby brother" though.