Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Holy Pooch! This belly is huge!

Ok, so I totally know that many women show quite early during their second pregnancy...but this is ridiculous.

This is me, exactly 10 weeks pregnant with BBZ

Umm, yeah.  That cute little belly has been gone for a very, very long time.  Even after BBZ when I weighed less than I did in this photo thanks mostly to lots and lots of breastfeeding, my belly just never looked the same.  How could it after this.....

(me at 40 weeks pregnant.  And he was in there for another full week!)

And this is me, exactly 10 weeks pregnant with what should be called the largest second baby known to man. 
(at least that's better than the largest belly pooch known to man)

I really don't mean to complain, it just surprises me that I am so much bigger than I was at this time with BBZ.  I didn't wear any maternity anything with him until about 12 weeks, and this time it's been since about 7 weeks.  I'm right in between where my clothes are too small, but most of my maternity is too big!  Oh well, I'll be wearing the same few outfits to work for a while.  All of my clothes are for the spring and summer too, so I'll have to get creative with some tights and sweaters to get me through!