Monday, February 21, 2011

Not Me! Monday

So it has been quite a while since I hopped on this confession train.  MckMama is in Africa right now, and she hasn't done a Not Me! Monday in a while either, so she may not even really do it anymore.  But I have to give credit where credit is due, so you must know that I did not come up with this concept, MckMama did.

I did NOT not (does that mean I did, I don't know) eat any vegetables this weekend.  That's right, NOT one.  Since this pregnancy, I have NOT nearly gagged at the thought of swallowing things like broccoli, which was once my very favorite vegetable.  This does not further convince me that this is a girl, especially since I craved veggies and fruit with BBZ.

I was NOT completely relieved when I found the pregnancy journal from BBZ and discovered that I am actually 5 pounds lighter than I was at this time with him.  Considering I feel fat (and not PHat or sassy) it was great to know that I might not gain the 50 pounds I did with him.  Lord help me.

Upon opening my Fruit My Cube from BBZ's school fundraiser tonight, I did NOT find an orange called a "blood" orange.  Having never had one before, I did NOT wonder slightly before eating it if it would, in fact, taste like blood.  That would be silly.  Of course it would taste like an orange.  Duh.

While working on potty training this weekend, BBZ did NOT pee in his underwear early on Sunday morning.  Since we had a very busy day Sunday, this was NOT the only opportunity he had to try staying dry.  When I was laying down with him to go to sleep, he did NOT say "I tried undewears and I peed in my pants."  I did NOT proceed to tell him how ok it was and that practice makes perfect and he just needs to keep trying.  He did NOT do it again tonight.  Sigh, at least he will actually put the undewears on!  Baby steps.

After going all day without showering, I did NOT turn to N before my parent's association meeting and say something along the lines of "do you think they will excuse my messy non-showered hair if I put on sweats and pretend that I just got done working out?"  Then I definitely did NOT put on such attire.  Since BBZ's school is also a fitness center, they surely would NOT be fooled!

Ah, that felt great.  So what have you NOT been up to lately?