Thursday, January 20, 2011

You know you are a pregnant mom of a toddler when... 8 Week Edition

The blog world is a funny place.  My real-life friend, Gina, writes a blog.  She and my other real-life friend Laura read a blog by Brittany.  Brittany wrote a blog yesterday that talked about some interesting similarities between she and another blog friend, Brittany.  I meandered over to the other Brittany's blog and discovered that she and Gina are crazy good blog friends too!  I had visited the second Brittany's blog a few times a long time ago, so it was fun to see that she is pregnant too!  Coincidentally, she and the other Brittany are due just days apart!

So anyway, that whole explanation brings me to this point...Brittany and Brittany have both written "you know you're pregnant when" posts, so I thought I would join in.  So here it goes.

You know you are a pregnant mom of a toddler when:

On the first snow day of the winter, it is YOUR idea to make the brownies that have been sitting in the bottom of the pantry for weeks.

When making those brownies, you get into a little disagreement about who should be able to lick the chocolate covered spoon.  After caving and letting the toddler win, you get the last laugh as you know he cannot get all of the chocolate off of the spoon after all.

You drool over sloppy chocolate spoon seconds and enjoy every minute of it!

You are much more concerned about him getting his nap than being able to squeeze on in for yourself.

Washing cloth diapers, a previously fairly enjoyable task, now causes such a gag reflex that the thought of hiding those cute, colorful diapers until the next trimester has been considered more than once.

Wishes of a good through-the-night sleep are replaced with prayers that the next one will be a good sleeper.  You can't sleep through the night anyway because of the ridiculously small apparent size of your bladder.

The idea of making another human being with your husband truly takes your breath away.

The fear and uncertainty of the upcoming birth is replaced with the worry of where the children's rooms should be in relation to yours.

You feel some serious excitement about breastfeeding again, which includes the fun task of seeing how far you can shoot milk out of your breast while in the shower.

You swear that your child has some magical 6th sense when he suggests that you try "owange jwuice to help yowr tummy" and it actually works!

Your child has watched as much TV in the last 3 weeks at home as you said he'd be allowed to watch in his first 5 years.  But a quiet house and a comfy couch go a long way after a long work day.

You cry like a child when your toddler notices the ultrasound pictures next to the computer, picks one up and lovingly says "baby sister!"  Yes, that really happened :)

You wonder if he or she will look like your first born.

You are thankful everyday for the lives you are growing both inside and outside of your body.

You daydream about your complete family.

You wonder how much more full your heart can get.