Sunday, January 2, 2011

Our Week's Vacation!

We had an absolutely wonderful winter break this year!  I kept BBZ home with me all week, and while we had a great time, I truly appreciate what SAHMs (stay at home moms) do.  He wore me out!  The fact that he completely refuses naps doesn't make things any better either.  He sure is stubborn...I wonder who he gets that from :)

On Monday, we ran some errands and played at a local store that has a huge play space for little ones.  BBZ and I spent a lot of rainy Wednesdays playing there when I had that day off.  It was nice to be back again.  N's sister watched BBZ in the afternoon so I could go and get my haircut.  He loves going to their house because "they have Lego's!"

Tuesday was a kind of quiet day...we ran some more errands and hung around the house.  Today I found out that the founder of the agency where I worked died yesterday.  Click here to read a nice tribute to him.  I feel so lucky to have known him, and extremely honored to be in a position to continue to his vision of independence for all people with disabilities.  On Tuesday evening I went to have dinner with some girlfriends.  BBZ's no nap business took a toll on him and me that evening as he was quick to tears and I was short of patience.  We didn't stay as long as I hoped we could...but the pizza and salad and conversation was wonderful!

On Wednesday we went back to the Magic House!  We went with my new boss and her little boy who is just a couple of months younger than BBZ.  It was super crowded, so pretty much impossible for us moms to talk or for the boys to play together, but we were able to visit when we sat down for a snack.  It was a super fun day!  Both boys crashed in the cars before we even left the parking lot.  I actually drove around for an hour to let BBZ sleep.  I should have just parked in the car port and taken my own nap!

Here are some pics from the Magic House:

When we got home, we decided to break out the paint!  My parents got BBZ this awesome table top easel and all of the painting accessories to go with it.  Paint is definitely messy, which is why we waited so long to set this up, but BBZ did great!  It was much less messy than I expected...

This picture makes me think that he is inches away from ripping his ear off!

On Thursday, N was off work too.  In the morning we went to the Botanical Garden to see the Christmas train display.  We went one other time and it was pretty cool.  This time was also fun, but the line was crazy long!  We waited about 20 minutes in line, and BBZ actually did pretty well.

After the trains, we went to a delicious Italian restaurant on the Hill for some pasta.  BBZ had some spaghetti.  Why do we always do something messy when I put a white shirt on him??  Good thing I don't bring a bib with me anymore either (insert sarcastic smirk here).

BBZ fell asleep on the way home again, so he was bale to squeeze about an hour of a nap in. It's better than nothing I suppose!

Thursday night was the first of a 2-night run of one of our favorite bands, Yonder Mountain String Band.  I don't know if it was getting away from the world, or perhaps it was reminiscing about the way things once were, but the music I heard Thursday night gave me an overwhelming sense of peace about my life that translated into more patience with my child, more connection to my husband, and overall a more positive outlook on my world and on my life.  How can it be that music can have such a powerful pull on me?  I may never understand, but I sure hope that I don't forget how much the world made sense as I stared at these young men, nearly the same age as me, in perfect unison as they performed what I saw as a perfect masterpiece.

Thursday night, BBZ spent the night at N's sister's house.  I missed him so much!  I worried a little about how he would do, but he was asleep by 8:30pm!  That is one good thing about him no longer napping, he goes to bed pretty easily!

I picked him up early on Friday and brought him home for some house time since he was spending the night away from home again on Friday.  I sure feel like we messed him all up to go to these shows, but I am so proud of him for rolling with life!  I literally forced BBZ to nap on Friday.  Yes, I said forced.  I held him close to me "snuggling" until he finally crashed from pure exhaustion (caused only partially from fighting me).  I knew he was tired and he just wouldn't go to sleep calmly.  Once he did he slept for 2 hours!  I thought of waking him around 3pm since N's sister planned to pick him up around 4pm, but I knew it would be another late night, so I left him alone.  He did fine with N's parents too!  I'm so proud.

Our New Year's Eve celebration was fantastic!  I volunteered a few weeks back to be the DD, so myself and many of my friends made it back to our house safe and sound.  Everyone crashed here, so there was no drinking and driving!  I was surprised not to see many crazies out on our drive home.  It was only a 5 mile drive though.

The show was great, but not as good as Thursday night's show.  It was way more crowded and it seemed that most people were there just to party rather than to hear the music, so it was a little distracting.  I am still so grateful for them coming to St. Louis for New Years!

This weekend has been as quiet as one can be with a 2-year-old.  He still on;y naps in the car between activities, so hopeful this hasn't messed up his school nap schedule.  Hopefully he will easily go right back into the routine.

In case you are wondering, the potty training boot camp was a complete failure.  He is just not ready.  Although, he did tell his grandpa on Friday night that he wanted to try the potty!  He seems much more interested in talking to men about potty activities, so N has been really encouraging him.  I'm trying not to push it!

I feel great about what 2011 will bring!  I officially start my new job tomorrow and am really excited to be there and get going!  How weird to be so ready to return after a long vacation, but I am ready people!

Happy New Year!