Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas Eve was spent with family, and what a wonderful day it was!  We are a family with traditions and we followed the same ones this year.  We went to N's sister's house in the early afternoon then my aunt's house afterwards.  We didn't take any photos at my aunt's house but managed to leave my camera behind.  Lucky for us, we had a back-up for Christmas morning pictures.

This is my favorite picture, taken at our house before we left.

N brought BBZ some snow and he felt the need to eat it...with gloves and all!

He sure was a great helper handing out the presents!

He LOVES his "tent" (aka tee pee) from Grandma and Grandpa Z

With his cousin J

Christmas day was about as special as a day can be.  We woke up and had a lovely Christmas morning together as a family.  We skyped with my parents and got to see them open their presents and they got to watch BBZ open his.  It was as though we spent the morning together!  BBZ took his time opening presents and didn't really want to stop playing with a new toy long enough to open another one.  It was quite nice to watch him so excited, yet so focused on what he was doing.  We did have to speed things along though.

His most prized gift...a remote control firetruck!

And the animals he asked for.  All lined up!

A fire station from my mom and dad.

A kitchen, a barn with animals, and plenty of other lovely things from family.

The tabletop easel perched in front of the gorgeous view of our white Christmas.

He definitely needed this nap after the great morning we had!

And no Christmas day is complete without oyster stew and a "snow fight" at Grandma and Grandpa Z's house!

We all had such an amazing Christmas!  I did a little shopping the day after while N watched football with some friends.  The mall was crazy crowded, but once I found a parking spot I was good to go.