Saturday, March 10, 2012

Little Brother Z is 6 Months Old!

It is here.  You have been in our lives for exactly one half of a year, sweet baby Lu.  Your big open-mouthed smile absolutely melts my heart.

You have mastered rolling over and will roll all over, often finding yourself far away from the place you started.  This took you less than 2 minutes to roll off of this blanket.

Check out this video of you rolling all over the place!

We practiced sitting up to prepare you for your 6-month photos that my friend plans to do.  They were scheduled for 2 weeks ago, but your flu and ear infection situation pushed that back a few weeks.  We're going to try again today actually!

Your little fuzzy blond hair is so super cute!  I just love how laid back and go-with-the-flow you are.  You are such a happy baby and everyone loves being around you.

You and your brother love each other so much.  He was afraid to hold you for the longest time, but he is finally getting used to it.  You light up every time you see him.  No one can make you smile the way your big brother does.

You are very curious about the world around you.  You reach out and grab anything that is in front of you.  You keep me company in the kitchen while I cook and you play with this same toy your brother played with.

Your big blue eyes are simply to die for!  I am so happy that they have stayed blue, just like your daddy's.

You haven't shown much interest in food, but I also decided to wait after your bad flu/ear infections this month.  You were really sick and I didn't want to risk you having a food sensitivity when you were already feeling lousy.  We tried last night and you sure love avocados! Your tummy may have hurt a little though because you were up a few times.

And of course, we caught it on video!

You prefer to spend your time on the floor on a blanket with some toys around.  You get really, really mad if you push a toy out of your reach and can't get to it.  You'll turn your body from side to side and roll all over, but can't quite figure out how to go forward to get something you can't reach.  It won't be long though!

And one of my favorite have found your feet!  You reach them best without your fluffy-butt cloth diaper on, so this pose is where I get the best shots.  You haven't gotten them into your mouth yet, though.

And you got your first bank account this month!  It was about this time that we got one for your brother, too.  You were just about to fall asleep when I got you out to take this picture, which is why you look so tired.  You can't start teaching money smart saving too young!
We also went to the Butterfly House this month!  You were getting over your sickness, but we couldn't help but take advantage of the beautiful 65 degree day.

And you got to swing for the very first time!  I think you really loved it, although sitting up in the swing proved to be a little challenging.  That cute chubby-cheek smile makes it all worth it!

I still remember every single detail of you coming into our lives exactly 6 months ago.  It was a Saturday, like today is.  You are such a wonderful little boy, and you have made our family complete.  I love you so much, LBZ.