Monday, March 26, 2012

6 Month Stats and Photos

I don't think I included LBZ's stats on his 6 Month letter.
So here they are!

15lbs, 7oz (10th Percentile)
26 3/4 inches (50th percentile)

I'm honestly not that worried about his low weight and neither is his doctor.  Considering BBZ was in this same weight category much of his first 3 years, it doesn't surprise me that his brother is following his lead.  N and I were both on the small side growing up, so it makes sense that our boys are too.

My dear friend Laura took some amazing photos for LBZ's 6 month birthday.  She has a new business that has really taken off.  Check out her webpage to see more of her great work!

I absolutely love the way the photos capture all of his cute little faces :)

The one thing missing from that last photo is my sweet BBZ.  It feels strange to have such a wonderful photo with one of my babies missing.  I do have one with just me and BBZ from when he was 6 months though, so I guess it's fair :)  Here is that one!

I really am sitting on something in this photo, even though it looks like I am sitting on air.  I love that they're both wearing their little blue cloth diapers in these photos.  I had just switched to cloth and those were the gdiapers.

I can't believe that last one was 3 years ago!  Crazy.  Time really does fly.


  1. Thank you for the love and the sweet compliments! I love how both boys have the same expression on their faces in the pics with you. So cute!! And you really do kinda look like you are floating on air in that last one... very fancy ;)

  2. These are fantastic. And G is super tiny in the weight category too. he wore 6-12 month shorts last weekend. Being little is what the cool kids do.