Saturday, February 11, 2012


I am up earlier than anyone today.  The house is quiet, and I could have slept in, but I craved some quiet time to gather my thoughts, and I have found myself reminiscing.

I stumbled upon a post I wrote when my dear friend, Laura, was 3 days post partum with her sweet little munchkin.  I read that post, which ended with a video of BBZ at 5 days old.  I started watching old videos and was reminded of all of the things about watching BBZ grow that I have enjoyed.  I am so excited about watching LBZ grow, too.

So here are some of the videos I watched this morning.  Enjoy!

Here is BBZ at 6 days old.  I can't believe he was ever this small!

And here is my sweet LBZ, at just 4 days old.

And just 1.5 months ago. He's changed so much already!

BBZ, showing off his "counting" skills.

My sweet BBZ, singing the ABCs. This happened exactly 1 year ago today!

I love reminiscing. I love looking forward to what is to come, being the mama to my 2 boys :)