Friday, February 10, 2012

Little Brother Z is 5 Months Old!

Oh my sweet littlest boy, I say the same thing and it continues to hold true...we are having so much fun with you!  I can't believe how fast the time is going.  It went fast with your brother, but it's hard to believe almost a whole half of a year has past since you came into our lives.  I feel as though you have always been here.

You continue to have such a pleasant nature.  You're still an awesome sleeper.  You usually beg me to go to bed around 7pm, and I try and keep you up later to spend more time with you, but you sure are persistent!  You usually sleep until 6:30or 7am, and occasionally wake to nurse.

I don't mind one bit waking up with you in the night.  Not only does it do wonders for my milk supply, but since you go to bed so early, it gives me special time in the quiet night to snuggle and nurse you, which I enjoy so very much.

You are officially rolling all over the place.  You will roll and scoot and play so much!  You first rolled over at school and your teacher talked about it one day before you did it at home.  Then it dawned on me that when you are home in the evening, I don't put you down!  I either hold you all evening or have you in your high chair while we eat.  You haven't shown any interest at all in solid food.  BBZ started at 5.5 months, and I was aiming for 6 months for you, so we'll see how this month goes!

I took a few videos of you that I love to watch while at work.  Oh how I miss you and your brother while at work.  It makes the weekends so sweet!  I got some great news about how my work life will change a bit next month, which will allow me to spend more time with you.  I so look forward to that :)

I've put babylegs on you a few times, and your daddy always teases me about it.  I think they are pretty cute though!

I took you to a meeting at my work one evening, and you were such a good baby!  I held you for most of it, but when You seemed tired I laid you down on this blanket to rest.  The next time I peeked down at you, you were snoozing away!  I love that I nursed you in our formal board conference room.  That was awesome.

I've contemplated a nursing bucket list to track all of the cool places I've either pumped for you or nursed you.  I am so much more comfortable this time, I always have you or my pump with me and am ready to go!

This is your first time in our new seat!  I love this thing.

One thing is for sure, you love being on your tummy!  As soon as I put you down on a blanket, you roll right over to your tummy and play!  You kick your little legs while on your tummy and I can picture you crawling all over the place, something that I am certain you will do before we know it.  And that fuzzy hair??  I'm madly in love with it.

Our washing machine broke and I had to put you in disposables for a day, and when I picked you up from daycare, you had a TERRIBLE diaper rash.  It was pretty cold in your room, so we did some diaper-free time with a shirt and some baby legs.  I had to get a photo of this.  Your future girlfriends are going to love this!

And here you are, just this morning, happy as happy can be.  You are ALWAYS happy.  Even when you have been sick, which has unfortunately been a lot since starting school, you still "win the best baby award" according to your teachers.

Oh my sweet baby Lu, you and those beautiful blue eyes (yes, they are still blue!) absolutely melt my heart.  You love your big brother so much!  If he just looks at you, you smile from ear to ear.  He makes you giggle and you just love being around him.  I sure do hope that you both will always love each other.

Happy 5 months, my sweet littlest boy.