Sunday, February 12, 2012

N is on a home improvement kick.

When N and I got together, he did not seem to me like someone who was handy.  Not that it mattered, really, it's just one of those things.  Some people like home improvement projects, and others don't.  I figured it was just something that didn't interest him.

Fast forward a few years, and we've moved into our new house.  N became instantly interested in maintaining the yard that we fell in love with.  He has done projects here and there, but lately he has been on a kick!

First it was a lego table for BBZ.  Legos had taken over our house.  They were in every room and all over the floor.  Even in BBZ's room they were out of control.  Knowing our second born would be crawling around soon enough, we figured we'd better get something set up out of his reach.

So N built this...

A sweet Lego table!
It really is a perfect space for BBZ downstairs in our unfinished basement.  He goes down there and plays all the time.  It's a great place for his friends to play in when they come over too.  And besides the fact that we have to leave the gate open because BBZ can't open it by himself, it's pretty safe for keeping legos out of little 5-month-old fingers.

So his next project was bigger.  When you entered our home, you came face to face with a blue floor.  And when I say blue, I mean blue!  See?

(Photos courtesy of Nikki over at Purple Lemon Photography)

N always complained about this lovely blue floor.  I actually quite liked it and am thrilled that my friend and awesome photographer Nikki was able to get some photos of the floor before N did his next home improvement project.  LBZ was just 6 days old in those pictures.  These were the only photos of the foyer I could find, so that makes me even more happy that she got such meaningful photos before we made the change.

N's dad came over to help with the project.  N did most of the demolition during the week leading up to the Saturday they chose to work, but there were some final things they did together to get the floor ready.
There was a little set back because of a saw situation, but the whole thing worked out and they were able to lay the tile.

N had to do some final cuts and put done the grout, which he did after the tile set there for a few days.

There was a full length mirror on this wall that got a crack in it during the demo phase, so we decided to take the whole thing down and start fresh.  The wall needed to be painted, so BBZ of course helped.

And there it is!  I really love the way it turned out.  While I like the blue just fine, I agree that this feels a little more welcoming when entering our home.

Then we were on a hunt for a new mirror for the wall that previously had one.  We saw a few online but I didn't want to pay for shipping.  N went to an antique store and found this one for $12.  Score!  He says that the next project is the red door in the back of this photo.  I don't mind that red door either, but I can see a dark brown one blending in a bit better.

Great work honey, I'd definitely call you handy now!  Love you!