Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I will get a blog post published while the baby sleeps!

A lot has been happening around here, although you wouldn't be able to tell by my blog.  This one will have to be quick.

My grandfather passed away last week.  My mom came in town after he went into the hospital because it was unclear if and when he would be able to go home.  LBZ and I went to see him in the hospital on Tuesday and he passed away Thursday night.  I am so happy that we were able to visit with him before he died.  The funeral was this past weekend and while difficult, was a wonderful way to say our goodbyes.  It's all still a bit surreal.  In the funeral home there was a poster that listed reasons why we have funerals.  One was "to contemplate life and death".  I've been doing a lot of that since his death and have a whole post in my head about it.  One day I'll post it.  This was him and my grandmother at his 90th birthday this past July.

I have 2.5 weeks left of maternity leave.  While I am nervous and sad about being away from LBZ, I am also ready to be back into a routine.  I dread getting 2 children out of this house and me to work on time in the morning, but we will figure it out.  LBZ doesn't actually start daycare for another 3 weeks after I go back since he'll be here with my mom, so that will ease us all into the whole morning routine.

The Cardinals won the World Series!!!  This city is a baseball town anyway, so give us a winning team and the town goes wild!  It has been so fun living here when the Cards played in the post season.  Game 6 was absolutely amazing!  Seeing everyone in their Cardinal gear and all rooting for the same thing is pretty cool.  Plus it was a fun excuse to get together with friends on random weeknights.  Something extra fun for me since I am off work and all.  Go Cards!

We got out of the habit of offering LBZ a bottle and he has since decided that he totally prefers me to any plastic bottle.  It's my own fault for slacking off, but it's hard to pump and offer the bottle when I can just do it myself.  I hate seeing him struggle with the bottle and am kicking myself for letting it get bad again.  He was doing so well!  We're going to keep trying, but I think I will need to leave when N tries it.  I can't handle hearing him cry when I know I can fix it by nursing him.

I cannot believe it is November already.  Maybe it's because it is 72 degrees out today.  Tomorrow is supposed to cool off, so maybe then it will feel like fall.  I love Fall holidays.  Here are some pictures from our festivities...

I really love this  time of year.  I'm excited to get all of my sweaters out and be bundled up when going outside.  I love all the changing colors and falling leaves...what a great season this is.

And of course, there's Halloween...

We had a great time celebrating at a friend's house again this year.  BBZ was a champion trick or treater!  Now we have a ridiculous amount of candy in our house that I have to constantly resist.  It's kind of exhausting.  I'll have to hide it from myself very, very soon.

Look how big my little boy is!!  It's his very first school picture.

The cuteness is completely overwhelming.  They also did a full body shot because he has these awesome red Kangaroos shoes that matched his shirt.  Man, I love this little guy!

LBZ is a terrible sleeper.  Plain and simple.  I've been trying everything and he is finally sleeping a 5-hour stretch, then a 4-hour one, then a 3 hour one.  I can deal with this, even if I have to go back to work.  At least it is predictable.  It seems to change about every other day, but I have to really watch what I eat, when I eat it, when I have my 8 ounces of caffeinated soda that I allow myself and be sure to stay away from broccoli (my very, very favorite vegetable) and even then he might not sleep well.  This little one is a stinker, that's for sure.  But maybe then he'll be an awesome sleeper as a toddler??  A girl can dream, right?