Friday, September 30, 2011

Fist Pump aka Just Fishin' Fridays

I'm jumping on a meme bandwagon with Jill over at Life is not Bubble Wrapped.  The goal is to do something awesome with my week and write about it.  So, here it goes!

I must admit that I have felt pretty awesome as of late.  After accomplishing my goal of having an unmedicated birth, I have survived one day short of 3 weeks with a newborn and a toddler.  I've hosted a birthday party, established a champion nurser, managed both children alone at bedtime and am now going into my biggest challenge yet...a weekend without my husband.

N left this morning for a 3-day alumni weekend at his college.  He was awarded the Young Alumni of the Year award and has scooted off to his undergraduate college to accept the award and participate in many weekend activities.  Where does that leave me?  At home for 3 days and 2 nights with both boys.  Aaahhhh!!!!

BBZ's school was also closed yesterday and he is always home with me on Fridays, so this made for a long 4-day weekend for a toddler who is used to his extremely predictable day at preschool.  N took yesterday off, so we had an amazing day at the Zoo and spending the day together as a family.  It was gorgeous outside and I had a few opportunities to nurse LBZ in the breezy outdoors, which was fantastic!  It was a great day and a good start to the weekend.

While I am a bit nervous, I know we will be fine.  LBZ has been having a really hard time between 9pm and midnight or so.  He is tired, but unable to fall asleep.  We try everything, but usually he just cries for a while until he finally is too exhausted to go on.  This is extra hard since BBZ is just about falling asleep around 9pm.  N and I have a good tag-team approach that we find works, but with him out of the equation, I'm on my own!

Worst case scenario, we can all sleep in my bed or in BBZ's, so no matter what we will get some sleep somehow!  N's sister was nice enough to come over on her lunch break today, bring me lunch and play outside with BBZ for a while to burn some energy.  She and her family also plan to take BBZ somewhere special with them tomorrow morning, so that should help break up tomorrow a bit too.  It's so great to have them nearby.

We plan to go to one of my favorite resale stores this afternoon because they have a play area for BBZ and comfy couches in case I need to nurse LBZ.  My biggest worry about taking the 2 boys somewhere is whether or not BBZ will listen to me if I have to sit down and feed LBZ.  He is generally a good listener, but there are certainly times when I have to pick him up and carry him out of somewhere and that would be extra hard with a newborn attached to me!

So there is me tooting my horn a little bit about some awesome things that have happened over the last week or so.  I'll be sure to fill you in on how my weekend with the boys goes!  Be sure to head over to Jill's Blog to see who else has done something awesome this week!

Happy Friday!