Monday, October 3, 2011

Lots of 3s

3 Weeks Old

3 Years Old

A 3-Day Weekend

With just the 3 of us!!

I was so nervous about being alone with the boys this weekend, but everything went great!  N left early Friday morning and our adventure began.  N's sister came over and brought us lunch on Friday, which was really nice.  She also played outside with BBZ for a while so he could run around a bit.  I finally got him to nap afterwards then we went to our favorite resale shop.  It was a nice afternoon.

The hardest part of the whole weekend was night time.  We are a very attached household and I prefer to provide my children with whatever they need at night.  I don't do sleep training and usually lay down with BBZ until he drifts off to sleep.  It has proven to be much more difficult to provide for BBZ at night since LBZ came along.

It seems that LBZ needs me at exactly the same time BBZ is going to bed.  It never fails.  As soon as BBZ and I are cuddling, LBZ starts fussing and is soon in full-blown freak out mode.  I nursed LBZ in bed with BBZ, which worked for a minute, but BBZ was much too distracted with his sweet baby brother to go to sleep with us in there.  So I said to BBZ "do not leave this bed, I will be back in a minute".  I left and settled LBZ down and went back in.  Proud as he could be, BBZ exclaimed "mommy, I did not leave this bed!".  I sure was proud of him.

I was even more proud because when I had to leave yet again because LBZ was fussing, but the time I went back in there BBZ was asleep.  He had fallen asleep on his own for the first time ever.  I was so proud!  He did the same thing Saturday night, except I made it back in just as he was drifting off.  He said again to me "mommy, I did not leave this bed!", and off to sleep he went.  Sweet boy.

LBZ is eating every 3 hours like clockwork again and a little more often during the day.  9pm-12am still seems to be a hard time for him, but he's doing ok.  Daytime was ok as we could all play and hang out together just fine, as long as LBZ wasn't nursing.

On Saturday, N's sister and family picked BBZ up for a few hours in the morning and took him to a cool park and out to lunch.  It was so nice for him to hang with them and have some time to run around.  Our brother-in-law took some amazing photos of him while there.

Saturday afternoon was really fun.  We just hung around the house, but watching BBZ invent things to play was so much fun.  He wanted to to leave the room and when I game back I saw this...

As I walked into the room he yelled "Surprise!!!"  Apparently, it was my birthday and all of these cushions were my birthday presents.  I had to tear open each one and yell out what they were.  I got a princess dress and some Lego's and a new watch.  Then, it was his turn.  I had to set up the presents and yell surprise.  It was so fun!

On Sunday we had a quiet morning and anxiously waited for N to get home.  We snuggled and played and napped and before we knew it, it was 4pm and N was finally home.  What a long weekend!

It was hard, but definitely precious time that I had to spend with my boys.  We are all figuring out our new routines and just when we get something set, I'm sure it will change.  Going more than 3 hours at night would be nice, but having done this before I know it won't last forever.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend!