Monday, May 2, 2011

BBZ is a soldier, just like Ganpaw!

I think I mentioned that this weekend we visited N's parents at a civil war reenaction.  Well, BBZ must have been incredibly affected by it because when he came home today he wanted to play soldier.  I dug out his soldier hat that Grandpa and Grandma Z got for him a year or so ago and handed it to him.  The following circumstance occurred....

At the end, he hoped to find a way to hook his "gun" onto his pants. This was his solution....

A "chief ganpaw"!

He just cracks me up. I love to watch his little mind at work. His imagination is so awesome and I just cannot get enough of him!
N's parents go on camping trips almost every weekend for events, and they were talking with BBZ about coming with them. He didn't seem too interested when we were there, but to see him this into it makes me think that he is almost ready!