Monday, March 14, 2011

St. Patty's Day Parade

Since my last post was pretty heavy, some great pictures are certainly in order.  So as promised, here are some pictures from one of the only beautiful days here in the St.L as of late.  I hear it's going to be pretty nice on Thursday, but the snow today put a damper on my spring feelings.

We started out just outside a bar where some of our friends were hanging out.  It quickly became clear to me that BBZ wasn't going to be in the safest surroundings where we were standing.  We walked a ways and found this nice open grassy area where we could sit and have some room for him to run around.

And you know we had to have front row seats to the firetrucks.

There were tons of little spiders all over the sidewalk where we were sitting.  Something such as this 3 years ago would have my skin crawling, but life with a 2-year-old boy can change things like how one reacts to nearby creepy crawlies.

We have a bit of a shy one on our hands.  He is really funny when he is in unfamiliar territory.  Something will worry him and he will hide, just like this!  I love how you can see his little eyes peering out.

Overall it was a fantastic day!!!