Thursday, December 2, 2010

A quick note about weaning

I actually can't believe that I am getting ready to write this post.  I am slowly but surely watching my and BBZ's nursing relationship come to an end.  Weaning is something that I knew was inevitable, but couldn't honestly wrap my mind around, but now here we are.

Last week we spent the Thanksgiving holiday in the far north with my parents, sister and nephew.  BBZ's sleep situation has pretty much sucked since he switched into a big boy bed, but we hesitated to do any sleep interventions until after our trip because we knew he would likely wake throughout the night and I had no intentions of letting him cry at my parent's house.  But one night at their house, I went up to his room and read a few books to him while sitting in his bed.  He snuggled in with me and asked me to stay in bed with him for a while.  Before I knew it, he was asleep...and didn't ask to nurse for the first time in his life.

I was so happy for him!  I knew this wasn't the absolute end of nursing for him, but it was certainly a big step.  He went back to nursing at night since then, but not to sleep.  I basically got a quick lesson that my old trick was no longer going to work.  I started trying a few new tactics and tonight was the second successful night without nursing at all.  I am so proud of him!  This whole experience of extended nursing has been an adventure for me full of ups and downs and doubt and confidence and has been one of my favorite things about becoming a mom.  BBZ is confident, independent, is able to empathize, is happy, caring and full of love and kisses and emotion that he loves to display.  I am confident that meeting his needs as an infant and young child has helped him develop a strong sense of who he is as a person and who I am as his mama.  I am completely comfortable with this change and excited about helping him develop other sleep strategies...if only we could get him to STAY asleep!

N has taken over BBZ's overnight soothing for me, which has been working so well.  I am a softy and am quick to pull him into bed with us, but he goes back to sleep with minimal effort from N, so I would really prefer that approach.  We'll see if it keeps working!

I have lots of exciting things going on right now, but blogging about them would be a bit premature.  I'll post some of the Thanksgiving pics soon and also talk about an incredible experience I shared with a woman from another country.  I have lots to blog about, but not so much time!