Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Tree Farm

A few years back after many years of artificial trees, N and I began a tradition of buying a real Christmas tree on our anniversary, which is December 9th.  Last year and the year before we went to a tree lot and chose our own, well this year, we did something completely different!

Our friend's parents own some land about 90 minutes form our house, so we took a drive to see how one of the trees that they planted nearly 10 years ago would look in our house!  Our friend is quite the concept for BBZ...he's a painter and painted many of the room is our house the week before this, and he makes wine AND he grows Christmas trees!  BBZ was very impressed :)

We set out early, and I was surprised that BBZ took a little snooze on our way there...

It was a good thing though, because he refused his afternoon nap.
Here he is on the tractor!  We tried to get him to ride on it, but he preferred to walk, or actually for me to carry him up the hill.

There are some of the grapevines, with the tree farm behind them.

He was eyeing that little one...

But this one was just perfect!  N is sizing it up.

BBZ was too.

Getting ready to yell...TIM-BER!!!

Down it came!  Those tractors were great to carry the trees back to our cars.

90 miles down the highway...and it made it!

Many of the light from last year were burned out, so N went out into the world and tried to find more.  This obviously delayed our ability to decorate the tree, so we decorated the gingerbread house instead!

I put the roof on upside down, but BBZ's cousin managed to make it look great anyway!

N couldn't find the same large bulbs as we had, but the little round ones look pretty good.  He improvised!  We put many of the ornaments up and BBZ loved it!

And of course, a fire truck had to be involved!

The finished tree!  We have since bought a star for the top that light up, but the one in this picture is our old one.  I couldn't believe how hard it was to find a tree topper!  The one we have os still not the right kind, so my eyes will be open for one during the after Christmas sales. 

The house is so Christmasy and fun and smells so nice! I love this time of year!