Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity" ~ Lotsa People

I've heard that quote so many times, and I honestly don't know who said it.  It does seem quite appropriate for this post because something amazing happened to me this week...

...I got a promotion!

As of January 3rd, I will be the Director of Independent Living Programs.  This is a job that I have silently wanted for a very long time.  So perhaps patience should be included in that quote up above.  I haven't necessarily been unhappy at my job as of late, but I have, however, been antsy.  Ready for a change.  I actually had been toying with the idea of pursuing a counseling opportunity outside of my agency when the woman who previously held this position put in her 2-weeks notice.  I applied for the job, interviewed, and got it!  Hooray!!!

My agency closes during the week between Christmas and New Year's so after the break I will return to that position and start the position then.  What a great way to start the new year!  What is so exciting about this position is that I can see myself in this role for a very, very long time.  This is a position that I dreamt of having one day, and very soon I will!  It is a huge job that at moments makes me incredibly intimidated, but I know I am prepared for it and definitely welcome the challenge.  I have been offered many congratulations and support from people both in and out of the agency, and I am so grateful!  My mind is full of things I can't wait to do and systems I can't wait to implement.  It is truly a very exciting time!

In other news, N and I took the day off tomorrow to do some Christmas shopping!  We plan to do some toy shopping for BBZ and also hope to finish some family shopping that still needs to be done.  We talked about throwing a movie in the mix, but I don't think we'll have time.  BBZ almost had to stay home as well because of a case of whooping cough at his school last week.  He had cold symptoms that ended up being a sinus infection, so we have to do all kinds of things to prove to his school that he doesn't have whooping cough.  He doesn't have it, so because of that I don't mind doing whatever they need us to do to prove that.  I'm glad he gets to go to school at least...there's no way we would be able to toy shop with him around!

It snowed here last night!  We only got about 3 inches, but anyone who lives in this part of the Midwest knows that even a dusting around here sends everyone up in a tailspin.  The town was still hopping though!  We ran a few errands and it was as busy as usual, and the roads were terrible!  There's another reason I'm glad I don't have to drive to work tomorrow...I don't have to deal with crazy rush-hour drivers!  The best thing about this snow is that we finally got to see our back yard with snow and I must say, it looks like a winter wonderland!  I took some pics just for memory's sake...

Did you notice all of the gifts under the tree???  There are a lot more than were there a few days ago!  My parents sent the packages with all of our Christmas presents.  I now know exactly how to handle packages coming to our home, but last week...not so much.  You see, BBZ loves getting packages in the mail.  Who doesn't, right?  So getting packages at Christmas time, which involve being unable to open them when they are sitting on our front porch, is something I wasn't prepared for.  So when we got home from school and work one day last week, we we met with a huge package addressed to BBZ himself.  After some coercion, I opened the first box and saw a big red bag with "Love Meme and Papa" written in it.  I couldn't stop there, so I called and asked Meme's permission to open it.  She reluctantly approved.  In it was this...

He immediately put it on and marched around the house.  It is awesome!  So, he has one less present to open on Christmas morning, and I now have a totally fool-proof way to avoid the package drama.  Grab it and run to the back room, close the door after dropping the box, and proceed to offer any bit of distraction imaginable.  So far, so good.

Have a great week everyone!