Sunday, December 19, 2010

Some catchin' up

Even though I don't start my new job until January, I am already in my new office and inadvertently started to get things going on my new position, while still juggling my old one.  My new job is going to be great.  It is also going to be full of challenges and very hard decisions.  But that is just a part of it, I suppose.

N's maternal grandfather died on Thursday.  He would have been 94 (tomorrow I think) and had been doing well, but had a fall that resulted in a broken hip that required surgery.  They were concerned that he wouldn't make it out of surgery, and while he did make it out, he died shortly after.  I am so happy that we got a chance to visit with him at Thanksgiving.  N is making the trip up north for the services and BBZ and I are hanging back.  It was a hard decision not to go, but with the dog, the weather, and the overall traveling with a toddler, it seemed best for he, his sister and her husband to head up on their own.  At least they can just take one car this way.

Yesterday, my uncle (the husband of my father's youngest sister) died.  He was an amazing man, and as I think of him and send my aunt and cousins positive thoughts, my mind is flooded with fond memories of the man my father describes as a man who celebrated life and living, which is certainly the way I always saw him.  He lived on the east coast with the rest of my father's family, so we only saw him once a year or so, along with some trips he made to our home town while driving his truck across the country.  He will certainly be missed.

BBZ might just be officially done with naps.  I fought way too long with him yesterday and today he never did end up napping.  He's not crabby other than when he is fighting us about napping, so I guess it isn't really worth the fight.  I guess we'll see what happens over the long break, but for now we are on a napping hiatus.

Another bittersweet ending is our nursing relationship.  Besides a desperate attempt be me yesterday to get him to sleep, he has not nursed since 12/9, which coincidentally was my and N's anniversary!  He has asked a couple of times, but overall it has been very natural and very easy!  Six months ago I never would have imagined him weaning.  While the whole process was over a pretty long period of time, his recent change from being so dependent on nursing to falling asleep almost on his own has been a huge surprise.  We certainly still have sleeping troubles as he STILL wakes up a lot at night.  Hopefully that won't last too much longer.

We were on our way to school last week and out of no where BBZ says to me "I wanna a baby sister!"  I said "really?  You know that means you would have to share everything with her.  Even mommy and daddy, there would be two people who call us mommy and daddy."  He sat for a moment, eating his apple and contemplating this, and a few moments later he says..."I'll share my apple with my sister."  I'm not sure if he meant he would share his apple as opposed to sharing us, but whatever it meant, it was so cute!  I told his teachers about this and apparently 2-3 of his classmates recently had siblings, so they figure he got the sister talk from them.  While we definitely want another child, we're going to wait just a little while longer.

Only four days of work this week and we're off for a whole week!  Christmas is right around the corner and I can't wait to watch BBZ on Christmas morning.  This is such a fun time because he gets the whole present thing, but he doesn't try to open anything.  He will walk around the tree and point to the presents while saying "this is a firetwuck, an ambience, a powice car" while pointing to the gifts.  He's wrong about every single one!  Except for a fire station from my mom, which he points to and calls it every time!  It will be fun to see what he thinks when he sees he is right!